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Thursday, January 8, 2015

paintings in 2014

I had a great summer this past 2014,
  and an even better Fall Season
Loveland Fall Art Show was great !
I sold four big paintings
Now as the Holidays are past and travel is over for awhile
I am settling in to paint my way through the winter chilly season now.

-20 wind chill this morning..BBBBBrrrrrrrrrr

A  recap of a few of the paintings that I finished.

I'm trying to find better ways to photograph the textural paintings that I produce.
...very hard to get the good sharp definition at times.

Winter, Go On Chill'n
I'm too busy to worry about your wind chill now.

I'm watching the cardinals hanging around
even in the extreme cold
they warm my heart and inspire me.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Summer dreams painting away

my latest painting of a dreamy little doe

 I wish you all a Happy ending of July !
Can you ever believe just how fast Summers go by?

WOYWW showing a work just underway on my work desk/table  of Tigers

here is my dinner table all  "tarpped up " 
so I can paint upstairs now. 
I got tired of going downstairs to the basement to paint.

and I hope I have a great show like last years. 
I love living in a town that has so much 
artistic creativity going on all the time
 and people who appreciate it. 


Thursday, June 19, 2014

Shades of Summer in Loveland - WOYWW and PPF

Preparing for the annual art weekend here in my hometown,
where many local artists show the town how they create their  art
all kinds of art will be underway and then displayed on Sunday.

I decided to do my wooden bird and tree (bark) art.
That is what I love about this town.
We are in the country-lands and farms surround us here.
There are so many birds and wildlife so close by.
My favorite thing to do (to relax) is to swing on my porch-swing
 and just listen....
tweeting and twittering and hooting birds, croaking frogs, 
buzzing bees and dragonflies
... and as nightfall comes you can really get into star gazing
 and more nature sounds all around.


Monday, April 28, 2014

...in due time we shall reap - Create With Joy -

let us not lose heart in doing good,
for in due time 
we shall reap
if we do not grow weary.


warn those who are idle,
encourage the timid, 
help the weak, 
be patient with everyone.
 1 Thessalonians 5:14


-Kat- Hope you find your own inspiring muse today 
and all-ways
I am hoping and praying to some day 
see my illustrations in a children's book or two

joining in on

I was featured at:
 Create with Joy 
 last week
Oh JOY! joy joy JOY!
Thank you so much
you just made my week

Monday, April 21, 2014

Folks That Like Hooters...will enjoy this post

else is amazed by owls and birds ?

Spring is such a great time
 to photograph, observe, listen, and enjoy them all

lately I have been finishing up an order of owls 
for a gift shop
Here is my progress so far
 Nothing completely finished just yet...
but soon

 a swirl in the paints and matte gel medium
 I just use my finger to lay on some colors and texture
every owl turns out a little differently

I use reclaimed  birch or poplar wood 
for the owls and the back board
with some real preserved bark for added effect
which is a bit
 folk artsy I suppose
let me know what you think

start is always with a basic cut out of owls on wood


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Friday, March 28, 2014

Owl Love You Forever - PPF

Owls are so interesting  to look at
They give off an air of awe and majesty
They really are so 
Wh-EYE- ZZzzzzzz.

I Have really taken a liking to purples lately
I wonder why???

join in with Paint Party Friday 
and look at all the painting going on

Thursday, March 20, 2014

PPF - It is Now SPRING- Kick Up Your Heels !

Happy First week of Spring 2014 !
Lets all kick up our heels!
I have sent in my 2014 application for the Loveland Art Show.
Loveland, Ohio has a wonderful Artsy Vibe
and I am so glad I live here!
I have been trying to spread my wings with my paintings a bit
and try different things out

So as you see -I've been busy with the palette knife
trying to be as relaxed and free-wheeling as possible
with the color and the application of it
I like using lots of matte gel medium 
and matte liquid medium mixed in with the paints

Im always looking to show lots of movement and texture.
 having fun and hoping soon to be outside more in the warm sun!
winter be gone
join in and look at all the creative art here