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Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Four Sons - Joe

I have decided that I will do a post 
about each of my four sons. 

 First will be Joe, although he was born second. 
 I just had a weekend with him
... and he inspires me to try different things
 and learn new stuff all the time.

My Joe

When he was born I was living at my parents home
 because my husband was overseas for a year long tour (Air Force)
He and I went through a lot that first year
... born with a large nasal teratoma 
that interfered with his eye and breathing.
My thought on it is
the teratoma was supposed to be his twin brother.
Joey came through surgery and recovered 100 percent.

Joe is, wacky and funny and generous, and empathetic.
 An Eagle Scout, with a great love of nature.
(where did he get that from, I wonder)
 He is a loving, kind, and smart son
He's made life interesting to say the least.
 His interests span  
 barbershop harmony, films, cameras, and film editing,
 fly  fishing, camping, geo-caching, woodworking, 
sushi and good spicy food,
 beer and honey wine making,
cooking and travel. 
He sees the beauty and uniqueness in every person,
 animal, plant, and rock on earth.
 Joe plays many musical instruments, but mainly the guitar and uke.
  He taught himself the harmonica and the trumpet and flute 
(sort of an Indian wooden flute) from lessons on U-Tube videos
He sings great, whistles sweetly and hums beautifully all the time.

 Here is my Joe
 in an I-phone video he made last year.

It speaks for itself

I Love you Joe

(that's what he calls me)


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Anonymous said...

what a wonderful son and a very moving tribute to him,,makes my heart smile,

TexWisGirl said...

sounds like a talented and sweet soul!

TexWisGirl said...

and he's right about the acoustics in that place. a lovely voice!

Anonymous said...

As soon as Jilli heard his voice, she came running over and exclaimed, "that's my Uncle Joe!!" Then she started dancing. Joe is amazing. He is going to make somebody very happy one day. I see a romantic in him and that is an amazing quality. Love you, Joe!!!
Sister In Law, Jess!!

Jen said...

Kat--what a wonderful young man--so talented and interesting and a nature lover too! I enjoyed reading this, and look forward to getting to know your other sons.

Samantha said...

He sounds like a fantastic person..you're blessed!

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Hi, KAT,
What a lovely son!
I enjoyed your post, and am looking forward to reading more!
I think I may be your newest follower, and am looking forward to reading some of your art posts as well.
It's great to meet you!

Diana Evans said...

I think this is a wonderful idea!!!! With them having such a wonderful Mom....it shows in the men they are growing into!!!!

Kelly said...

...LOVED it! He's an artist through and through... I'm going to show my son, Matty, who walks around playing his guitar nonstop (which he also taught himself). :-)