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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Post About My Sons - Ryan -

...in no particular order
(so they don't think I love one 
 more than the other.)

Here is my post about
Son Number Four
and my youngest son

Ryan is in seventh grade and is the last of four boys for me .
He is a star rank boy scout
and another nature lover, camper, fisher, canoer...  

He likes to have me do things with him
... even if I'm really not needed. 
... likes a good back scratch,
teaching me algebra and science
eating  everything in sight,
sports,  skateboarding, swimming...
He is reading the" Eragon" series of books 
( dragon lore stuff )
and is looking forward to the fourth book coming out next month.
He loves science and
...  did I say sports already ?
If you were to ask Ryan
"What do you what to be when you grow up?"

He would tell you...

" I think I'll be a football player, but probably will be
a basketball player actually;
or a scientist."

To be 12 and so idealistic and ...honest !

He enjoys being my  
"Only Child" now
all his older brothers live elsewhere now.

Here he is with his 3 yr old niece, Jillian
She adores her uncle Ryan !

always does what he is told,
does so good in school,
and always gives me his love.
What would I do with out my Ry- Boy ?

Ryan loves football at St Columban.
Dad is dressed for a scout outing here

This has been a pretty muddy season !
 we won some and we lost some

Yesterday I saw him out at the end of the driveway
hunched over his backpack and homework being done
That made me happy

...But WHY out there, Ryan ?

To Be closer to the basketball net
for some practice shooting
Oh, Of Course !


TexWisGirl said...

so cute!!! may all your dreams come true, ryan!

Anonymous said...

what a handsome boy,, such a proud mama,,

Anonymous said...

Its me back again, I was so happy to find your beautiful owl in my mail box today,, thankyou so very very much.Its just perfect!

Diana Evans said...

Oh what a wonderful post!!!! How lucky are you to have four wonderful sons....Ryan seems to be on the right track!!!! You must be such a proud Mom!!!!

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Ryan, looks so lovely, as well!
You are blessed with such a beautiful family.
Ha! I love Ryan's strategy here - close to the basketball net. Perfect!

Anonymous said...

He is so kind, helpful and good-hearted. I have many pictures of Jillian snuggling her Uncle Ryan. And he always snuggles her back and plays with her when we are all together. Tell him that we love and miss him!