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Friday, March 28, 2014

Owl Love You Forever - PPF

Owls are so interesting  to look at
They give off an air of awe and majesty
They really are so 
Wh-EYE- ZZzzzzzz.

I Have really taken a liking to purples lately
I wonder why???

join in with Paint Party Friday 
and look at all the painting going on

Thursday, March 20, 2014

PPF - It is Now SPRING- Kick Up Your Heels !

Happy First week of Spring 2014 !
Lets all kick up our heels!
I have sent in my 2014 application for the Loveland Art Show.
Loveland, Ohio has a wonderful Artsy Vibe
and I am so glad I live here!
I have been trying to spread my wings with my paintings a bit
and try different things out

So as you see -I've been busy with the palette knife
trying to be as relaxed and free-wheeling as possible
with the color and the application of it
I like using lots of matte gel medium 
and matte liquid medium mixed in with the paints

Im always looking to show lots of movement and texture.
 having fun and hoping soon to be outside more in the warm sun!
winter be gone
join in and look at all the creative art here

Friday, February 28, 2014

Elephants in Purple Tickle-Tones

google photo for inspirations
 I recently did a painting in acrylic medium with  my trusty palette knife.
My niece likes elephants... so for her birthday
 my sister wanted to surprise her with an elephant art work for her bedroom.

   I was pretty sure she would like the purple tones for her room.
     and the mommy and baby elephant,
 title is" tickling mommy"
When the baby does the ticking on moms chin her tail goes flying up in the air.

happy last day of Feb !

Hope you get your tickles from a loved one today

Friday, December 20, 2013

"Tea" for two...Me and Tracey

A  Blog-Tea-Party 
for our PPF  friend, Tracey
who is going through a ruff-tuff time right now
 and we want her to know 
we are thinking about her. 
this tea (or other beverage)
 toast is for you, Tracey

For Kind Folks
For Creative Minds
For Happy Souls
For Ever
Through thick and thin

Tea always helps me warm up on chilly winter days
I have this little Asian style teapot and cups 
that my sons gave to me on mothers day...
or was it my birthday?
maybe it was Christmas
...I really can't  remember exactly
it is special to me
because my sons gave it to me.
So if you were here right now
 I would pull it out and serve you some tea
This is my chalk art for you -Tracey!
-Blessings of the season to you.

And,here is another painting 
I just finished playing around with.
  palette knife style
I call it, 
sometimes you need a cuppa tea
a glass of vino

Here's to you Tracey
much love and prayers
for a happy new years
may the days get better soon
for you.

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Friday, December 6, 2013

Dec 6, 2013 - first snow day ! Happy PPF

I am Happy to see the pretty snow falling today. 
all the schools closed today.
But we did not lose power like some poor souls, west of here.

 I went to the Opening night
 of the Loveland Winter Art Show last night

it was a chilly rain and a miserable night to be out in that icy stuff 
but many art lovers braved the weather to come to the studios
 and look at all the beautiful art.
I was amazed and awed at the quality of so many art works
...I am humbled to think I am included among them. 

I have six paintings hung and I love to be involved 
or included in the Winter Art Show of this caliber.
this is what I entered:

the pink ballerina is my favorite one

Hope you all are staying warm
keep the creative juices thawed and flowing !
join PPF - (paint Party Fridays)

and show us your creativity !
all are welcome
all are respected here

Friday, November 15, 2013

Sweet Home...Chicago

Yes... this is a chicago man-hole cover
my son, Joe took this photograph a while back

Here is Joe's Photo

Joe requested of me to please recreate the manhole cover
 into a piece of wall art for his apartment,
where he now lives and works in another state.
He really misses the old stomping grounds of his college,
 and after-college years.
He has many friendships and many fun times there.
but does he want a lakefront painting or a painting of the downtown,
 or a painting of the sailboats on the lake ?...No 
He wants this man-hole cover - to hang on his wall
well, being the good mem-mem I am...

here is how I went about it
some of you out there are into seeing how paintings develop
what do you think of this , My
shades of grey art work

 I used white chalk to place in the areas to paint to
 have some what a balanced lay-out
but I wanted some irregularity and not
 perfect balance and replication.
then when the paint dries I would wipe off 
all the white chalk with a wet paper towel
 I toothbrush (ScoobyDoo one) splattered grey and 
purple/ grey paint all around the edges

at least it doesn't smell authentic


Thursday, September 12, 2013

PPF - Art Show was Hot!

Yes it was 90 degrees and super humid 
but we all sweated it out in style
My hair which was perfect at the start of the day...
 was a frizzy mess,
 I had to tame with a headband by mid day.
my makeup felt like it melted off,
 along with my entire face.
I won't complain any more than that but,...
I could go on...
oh MY oh MY  oh MY

...And now for the good news!

I sold several art works
from twig art owl to a large painting of birch trees to a Cincinnati skyline, and a field of yellow flowers 
-prints and cards too.

I was so happy about that part of the day
Loveland Art Show - Winning !

others tents by mine - 70-80 in all

my dark and too low  tent

this is the first little owl I sold
now on to the next show in Milford, OH on the 28th
I'll be showing more bird and  nature- twig/ bark art there.
praying for Fall weather this time

Friday, September 6, 2013

New Painting style try - Happy PPF

This is Adam and Eve and that darn
Tempting Apple

 New painting style called 
"Just Be Wild and Crazy Kat "

I saw an apple and at first I was just going to paint the apple
 then this painting just happened
and I decided to say this is Adam and Eve

What are you temped by ?

Friday, August 30, 2013

PPF - Painting painting , sanding ding ding ding (the varnish is effecting me...

Only eight more days till the 
Loveland Art Show - in Nesbit Park
 along the Little Miami River
 and the Loveland Bike Trail.

So much to do, so much to finish up !
I have a few paintings of deer that I would
 like to have finished by then .

Im also working on twig/ bird "sculpture"
 for a show at the end of September
and sealing the wood with varnish is making fumes 
a little much in the basement/ studio/ work room

 90 degrees and humid out so 
I couldn't see doing it outside
 but I find that bugs always end up
 landing on my art 
and getting glued there
... or leaving black blots 

I may just be relieved when this month is over...
September also bring my son's Eagle Project.
He is all ready to have his crew of scouts
 and friends build the Bird Blind
 in our local nature trail
click on 
 (that I helped him with )
all about the Eagle Scout Project 
and bird blinds.

 if your into birds like me, 
you will find it interesting 
and a worthy project for our town
 and all the nature lovers around here.