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Monday, May 23, 2011

Memories Of My Gram's Lake House

Memories are so Precious to Me!

Lake Huron
Lexington, Michigan
My Gram's Lake Home 
 ... and lots of red roses
blue waters and 

My Sweet Gram

   My favorite memories are from my childhood and going to Gram's house

the beautiful  blue sky and water
my dad and sisters and cousins
swinging together by the lake

The Lake Birch Trees

we lived in Michagan
our first house was small but filled with relatives and fun times!

Grandma Gignac far left,
maureen, Sandy Me and Janet and my Mom
 I am the scowling little girl
  my sister Maureen's First communion Celebration (1962)

There's my mom and dad and my Gram Shaughnessy's
walking down to the lake from her house.
Don't you just love that blue dress my Mom is wearing? 

My Beautiful Mother, Margaret 

My cousin Barb and me at Grams

Playing whiffle ball
I have the beautiful bowl cut

a day at the Family beach 

Me and Barbie my cousin and friend

Sister and cousin

back when they made metal sand pails

Back when everyone bathed the baby in the kitchen sink!
I think that is me.
I love my Bubble Baths to this day!

Gram and some cousins in the fall doing leaf clean up!

our tire swing

 The highlight of my memories is my grandparents lake home on Lake Huron
...I mean right on Lake Huron
they had a little sandy and stony beach front that the aunt, uncles, cousins
 would all visit in the summer and fall and enjoy together. 

dad, walking on the beach 

Back of house

Gram tending her flowers
See her green rain barrel?
We kids would get a dousing of rainwater to get the sand off of us after a day on the beach.
I  hated the cold rain water shower in my birthday suit no less!

 Lots of good memories even though I was very young
 I can remember so much.
 It is amazing!  
Grandpa died right before I was born so I never knew him .  
Gram kept the lake house for awhile then sold it. 
 I never understood why they didn't keep it in the family 
 why didn't the relatives all pitch in and buy it together? 

 Mom in the blue dress and aunt and cousins and sisters
I'm not in this photo 
Great Aunt Meme
emptying the sand out of her shoes/ or are they boots?

Grandpa and lots of the cousins

My Sister

my dad sitting on the stony beach

aunts...birch trees ...my favorite trees

Oh Those Beautiful Roses
Janet and JoanE

 The old house full of great memories,
 and the lake
so blue and mysterious 
spectacular to just look at. 
 ships far off on the horizon, 
large boulders sticking out of the beach and into the water.
 The sounds of laughter, 
the good times the smells
 (peaches, fresh ground coffee...just the smell of the old house!)

 The beauty of the place is overwhelming to me. ..... and I miss it


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Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...

Absolutely gorgeous post! So many memories and the photos are so clear and vivid. It truly was a beautiful place. You have a rich heritage.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Gorgeous photos! It's wonderful to have old photos to keep our memories alive and to share with our kids! I love to have photos scanned on the computer to enjoy, too! Thanks for sharing yours! ♥

Kelly said...

Those photos are absolutely precious! What great memories. Your mama was a stunner, to be sure! And what a cute kid you were, too!

Love the sign, as well!


Kathy said...

Precious memories! I absolutely love old family photos - Makes me think I need to go through mine and find a way to display them!
Hope you have a marvelous day

Samantha said...

WOW. What a fantastic post, Kat! Your mom was a knockout :)

Serendipity Chic Design said...

First, I love your choice of material to paint your sign on. The humming bird is the icing on the cake...

Your family memories are so special. My grandparents meant the world to me too. I have decorated with memories of them all over my home....

Thanks for linking to "Meet Me On Monday"...

Take care,

Sherry said...

What a fabulous lake house. Your photos are great. Your mother was a beautiful lady. Such awesome memories you have shared. Thanks for coming by!

Jen of Country Weekend said...

Wonderful heart-warming post and photos!

Faded Charm said...

Thanks for stoppng by today and I have always loved looking at old photos and taking that trip down memory lane....so precious.

Also, my husband calls me Kat:-)


Sunny Simple Life said...

This is a wonderful post of family memories and such a simpler time. It is too bad that you don't still have the place. What a location.

HolleyGarden said...

What a wonderful post. Loved seeing all your family photos. What a great gardener your grandmother must have been. I, too, am sad that your family didn't keep that great house on the lake. I came through cottage flora thursdays. Really enjoyed your post.

Olive Cooper said...

These images are treasures.

Aron said...

What great photos! :)

Fishtail Cottage said...

thanks for linking up to Cottage Flora Thursdays - what an endearing post you shared...fabulous photo's too! xoxo, tracie

Melynda said...

Such memories!

Sue said...

Kat, I really enjoyed viewing your pictures from the lake house. How wonderful to be from such a large family that enjoyed being together. Crack me up about babies getting a bath in the kitchen sink! I have a pic of me sitting in the ours! I think it was just what they did back in the "old days." LOL
~ Sue

Terrie said...

KAT, thanks for comments on my post. Can't stop visiting you again for the older posts. ALL are treasures. Soooooo sweet and charming family. Your grandmum was talented for China painting. Your works are fantastic. Viewing your blog is pleasant and inspiring. Particularly the little town, the scenery remind me the films like "Gone with the wind" and sort of.