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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Jamie and Kat working together on wooden Art

"Piano Man" painting
by Jamie Morath
We are working on making a wooden 3/D of this guy
an idea I came up with one day 
while admiring my friends art works

Jamie's Studio front door
excuse my bad photography

Coffee Time   Girl Friends

Here is a bit of news about my collaboration with
artist and friend

I just love her happy whimsical paintings!
  I came to her with an idea 
to make wooden pieces to go WITH each painting.
!t has been quite an under-taking
but successful so far!

some of Jamie's paintings in her studio

Here is an original painting by Jamie Morath
We are going to make this lady chef into a wooden piece
I am working on that right now

Here are some recent  patterns I used to
cut out the wooden shapes for putting these on bases.
They will also be hung on a wall
as a small shelf or just home decor.
Many of these are great in a kitchen or bathroom

paper pattern for the beach  martini chef
"It's Five O'clock Somewhere"

Lady chefs are few and far between
in art work
so our lady chef is very popular!

Pattern for a chef wall hanging
will be cut out of poplar wood and painted by Jamie
we also do  one with a big ole burger on his tray!

Pattern for  the "Bathroom Butler"

This is the pattern for a new piece
with dressed up doggies and  caffeine drinks galore

Jamie will make slight changes to the  painted designs
and even customize each piece to a customers request.
She is a wonderful and funny, down to earth artist and friend.
 It amazes me how each piece is an original and unique.

"Piano Man" painting
will soon be in wooden form
... wall hanging or on a base for sale
My Favorite painting
I am making this into a wooden art piece this week
and soon it will be for sale

Raining Cats and Flipping Dogs
by J Morath and Kat
It's Five O'Clock Somewhere by Jamie Morath
and woodwork by Kat

look at her gallery of prints here:
 "Jamie Morath Art"

...on this sand chef guy I had the idea
 to make little bitty blue crabs, star fish and sand dollars
 and glue them onto the sanded base ... 
...of course Jamie loved my idea 
and she graciously gave me a ton of clay 
and tools to work on those things myself.
I was overwhelmed with her generosity.

  we decided to make the sanded base larger next time
..but this one is the original so Jamie is happy with it and so am I. 
 We will be taking it to art shows around the Midwest
 and it is for sale for $85.00
  We are interested to see how people feel about our wooden art
Jamie has paintings original on canvas
 and  matted prints of all of these

others that are in the works are
 "Piano Man"
"Bone Appetite" (dog painting)
"Caught In The Act" (Cat painting)
"Cheeseburger Cafe" (lady chef and burgers)
See Jamie's art work at  jamiemorath.com
If you'd like one let me know in a comment and I will make it available on my etsy shop for you.

...Or just leave a comment !
What do you think of this art work ?

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~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You need to republish this post! Everyone will want to see it! I love 'girlfriends' and everything about this art! I'm so glad you invited me over! Hugs! ♥

SJ @ Homemaker On A Dime said...

Thanks for linking this awesome post at the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop :)