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Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Little Surprise Arrived Today

showing at :


 I clicked on this site, on my side bar
an ad on my Face Book page
  a  "live" on-line give-away
 for a paint easel and supplies to paint outside  
everything included! 
 My dream is to do that someday this summer.  
 I need the right equipment so I will save up for it and buy it,  when I have enough. 

This is what the easel is like that I tried to win
during the live  give-away
painting not included, I don't think

So I took part in the give-away ...
and it was so fun to try to win the easel. 
 It was a "live" thing and everyone chatted back and forth. 
Some funny artsy people from all over the USA!
and numbers and names where picked and announced.  
You had to be present online in the discussion group, 
so it took awhile before someone won. 
 The very sweet man, David, running the promotion,
 has an art store and  he sells art supplies on-line too.
He said it is the first time trying this give away idea.
It seemed very popular
about 5-6 hundred likes

lots a great art supplies available

You can find it here, should you need a good source for art supplies

located in Oceanside CA.

David was kind and commented on everyones posts to his site
 and answered every question quickly. 

 a week ago I decided that I needed some palette knives 
so I ordered a set from his store online.
He was offering a discount to the people that took part in the giveaway. 
  I used pay pal  so I did not get the discount. 
 I messaged that to David and ...wow! he immediately took care of it 
refunding the proper amount for the discount 

When my palette knives arrived today..
 I had a great surprise!  
palette knives is all that I ordered ...just to try them out
and I got ALL this!
The wooden box was extra surprising!

two small canvas also were included
just because ...

sweet little paint box! COOL!
It doesn't take much to make me giddy with happiness!

David gave me a great set of palette knives 
and a whole bunch of assorted paintbrushes
 ( I love paint brushes) can't have too many.
  and he included a sweet wooden box and a wooden palette.
and two canvases
 Yea! Cool!  
So unexpected! 
 He is very generous and kind.

 Please visit David's art store
In Oceanside, CA.
order online too!

 and see if you like his style as I do!
I know you will be pleased.
PS ...He did not ask me to post about this 
...I just am very pleased with my surprise package today


PSS. My next post will be some watercolors I am working on!  


My Cottage Charm said...

Wow Kat, you got some great stuff and it was SO nice of him to give you all the extra goodies! Thanks so much for linking it up to my linky party..you really do have a treasure!
Have a great week!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Thanks so much for stopping by today. I can't wait to see what you do with your new (beautiful) art supplies.
Have fun!!!

Olive Cooper said...

Well that was very nice of him. I bought a similar easel for an art class I took last year. I did not finish the class but display favorite oil paintings on the easel. I hope you get your easel soon.

Jen of Country Weekend said...

Great story!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

How wonderful! Doesn't it make you feel special when someone values you and gives more than you expected! It makes the world a better place to live and it will come back to him! Very nice! ♥

Where the Fur Flies said...

That's wonderful. If he keeps that up, his business will no doubt be a roaring success. Who wouldn't want to support somebody like that?

Staci said...

Lucky you! I'm still waiting for my order of canvas that I purchased from them and that was about a month ago! They sent it to the wrong address and refuse to correct the situation, won't respond to voicemail or emails. So I left polite questions on their FB page about my missing order and they were removed and I also was removed from their FB page. On the 16th of May we filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and they have 14 business days to respond, so far nothing from David or Mark... Next step will be the CA Attorney General's office if they fail respond to the BBB complaint.

When you paint everyday you need canvas... I would NEVER order from them ever again because of their refusal to communicate.

Staci Brown
Staci Brown Abstracts
Phoenix, AZ

Youaretalkingtoomuch.com said...

Ummmmm.....I'm just in AWE of anyone that would use putty knives! I canNOT wait to browse more through your blog!Thanks for stopping by. I am your NEW follower. I cannot wait to see what you create! Love, Me