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Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Secret Map

In the 1960's this was my family, 
We were four sisters, very close in age and very mischievous at times.
My Mom, Dad, sisters and me (1960)
I have the blue coat on.
Lovely Hats , don't you think?
 My mom dressed us  so nicely all the time
 white gloves for Sunday mass.
  we loved our  little white gloves so much!

When I was young-er, my three older sisters and I would all,
do a very bad thing
 right under Moms nose
 from time to time.  
We would lay on our back under the coffee table and draw (scribble)
 with crayons, making an elaborate "Map"
on the underside of the wooden coffee table in the living room.
  I think this was supposed to be the map to our Gram's Lake house. 
If I remember right. Something like that. 
 I know all my sisters will remember this.  
Over time the "Map" became quite extensive
 and elaborate scribbles were drawn
 from end to end, on the underside of that nice beautiful coffee table. 
 So many, assorted crayon colors you would not have believed.
  Oh, What four little girls can achieve together.  

Well, sometime later, we were somehow found out... by Dad. 
I can not remember how he found out about our secret map
 I know he was not happy, at all.
  Dad is very orderly and neat 
and we girls sure heard about how wrong this "map" making activity was! 
 No spanking or anything like that. .. but we hung our little heads as he lectured us,
... ashamed, we made our best frowning little faces. 
We talk about that old coffee table,
 and it is a favorite sisterly giggle to bring it up from time to time.  
"Remember the "map" under the coffee table?" 
 Giggle giggle
  "Oh Yea !  I remember!"
Giggle, giggle
 here is the table behind these sweet children
No crayons in our hands here...
Maybe this photo is pre -"Map Making" age
Here is an actual photo of the coffee table 
That is me in red plaid dress on the end
 and four of my sisters and two cousins.
Under that very table lies the secret map
to our Gram's Lake house!
When we have our next get together I plan to bring up the secret map table and see if I get any giggles

 We all look a little different now 
 50 yrs later from when this photo was taken
But our sisterly love is forever strong
 and also includes three younger sisters and three younger brothers
Family love and family memories are the best



Nena3110 said...

My english is so bad to say how I feel!

texwisgirl said...

that is so sweet! i loved all the photos and could almost hear the giggles.

The French Tangerine said...

OMG I love this story! So endearing and innocent! If drawing on underneath my coffee table was the worst thing my kids ever did, I'd be thrilled!
Thanks for sharing...

Joy said...

What a great memory to keep in your hearts forever. The pictures reminded me of the days when I was a child. So familiar.

Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...

Such a cute story! Surely I must have done the same thing at some point. It must have been a blast to grow up with that many sisters. And so nice that you all are still close. A real blessing!

Terry said...

This last picture and the first reminds me of our family. Our Catholic parents had four girls in four years with me being the last. We would go to mass in white gloves and hats. We were all stair step and as we grew, people always got who was who wrong.
We always had each other as Dad was a career Air Force man and we moved continually. I went to 14 different schools by the time I got to the ninth grade. Thank goodness they divorced so no more moving!