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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Fun

you are talking too much 

I celebrated my 50-something birthday 

It was just me 
and my youngest son, Ryan 
 left here at home this weekend

Mr G. had to go on a Boy Scout
 Turkey Dinner camp-out 
There was no one that could take his place 
and they needed two deep leadership
or none of the scouts could have gone

My love left me with a sigh
 and a smooch
a beautiful and touching card

and  a big bottle of Wine !

Anyway Ryan surprised me with breakfast
He made me two eggs
 and a cinnamon raisin bagel
and coffee
I showed him how to make coffee recently
He says he likes the smell of it 
...always asks if he can try a cup

I always tell him it not good for him
What a bad habit to start at 12, right ?
Would you let a 12 yr old drink coffee ?

So we spent much of the weekend doing some art projects
Ryan wants to enter an art contest
 (kids only) at my studios building
he has to turn in one or two art works
 by the end of this month.
This is so fun
He wants to do a drawing of a character
 from a video game he plays called Sky Rim
and the other art is something I asked him to do

This is art from a few yrs back
 done by Ryan
He was in third grade
I really liked it a lot

It is made by printing out a photo (he did himself)
then trace the contours onto a piece of foam
I think they used foam from food packages
 like what meat comes on in the store
so an indentation is made .

Then roll on some paint and press
construction paper down on top of the "carved" foam

We wanted to try it with Ryan's niece, Jillian
so I printed out a photo
and we went over parts of the photo,
that was taped over the box,
 with a ball point pen

This is the Jillian stamp impression
kind of hard to see

and here is the stamped impression
on a piece of black construction paper
we used white and black acrylic craft paint.
Turned out pretty good I think

there are two black prints
and two white prints
maybe we should mount them on canvas
 and make a collage with them

Ryan did this one
this is Bandit our dog
Ryan used the foam egg carton lid
 to make this one
next we have to roll paint on it
and stamp it on a piece of paper

Ryan is more interested in doing his
 dragon and warrior drawing
I'll show you that when he has it more finished

It is so fun to do art with Ryan

-  KAT - 

you are talking too much 


NanaDiana said...

What a fun project for kids! The outcome is wonderful. xo Diana

Lesley said...

Really neat process. I am going to send this post to a friend who teaches are through email. She has been looking for fresh ideas. Thanks for sharing and for the lovely story.

Happy 50th!! :)

Gloria said...

What a great idea. I must try that some time. Maybe 1/2 cup of coffee with lots of milk wouldn't hurt Ryan. I think it's wonderful that he made you breakfast. What a wonderful son. He did good too on his piece. Happy Birthday, late or not. Hope you enjoyed and that's a really good year. Enjoy. Great post.

TexWisGirl said...

very cool art projects! and happy birthday to you!!!

btw, i began drinking coffee each morning when i was about 10 i think. :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good birthday even though your husband wasn't there, your son looks to have inherited your talent for sure, I thinks its great he wants to learn to cook,

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Happy Birthday to you! Sounds like you had some fun! And 50s are young....you know! Hugs! ♥

Jen said...

Love the breakfast he made you--yum. What a sweetie, and a talented artist too. I would let him drink coffee--but I'm a loosey-goosey kind of mom. When they were in h.s. I wanted them to drink coffee to help them wake up for school. As someone suggested, maybe half milk. Very European. Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Tell Ryan I want a Jilli impression just like that for Christmas!! We so hope to see you guys. We'll give you a call on Thanksgiving! Love you!


Anonymous said...

By the way, is that your favorite pic of all that set we had done? Let me know!


Heart n Soul said...

Hope you had a fabulous birthday :)