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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


OK... So this is me splurging on a mango shaved ice . 
 This is our favorite little shack 
along the Little Miami River walk/ bike/ hike trail. 
 It has been just way too hot this spring and summer!  
Seriously hot...like danger warnings about the heat hot!
So walk in the shade and eat shaved ice
 or drink lots of H2O.  
So of course i have been thinking about Christmas/ Hanukkah  and /or Winter 
season stuff for my gift shop art work.  
We have a big outdoor-in-the-park Art Show 
here in Loveland in mid September... 
and I want to sell a few of my new bird ornaments
 at the LASOM booth. 
 (My backdoor way into the exclusive art show) 
only 80 artist are picked to sell and compete
in the annual big event!  
Twice I did not make the cut . 
  but you can read about that here
 if you really want to be depressed for me. 

I sketched up some flying birds and had Mr Nature cut some out for me
using a nice lightweight thinner wood.
then I added my signature feathered texture
with golden modeling paste and base painted them black

I was going to do these birds differently.
 I was going to use patterned scrap book paper on the bellies
 of the birds and colors to match the look of the oriole in my bird book 

 I do LOVE golden STARS at the holidays
so I decided to put stars in this art... somehow

I rubbed on  a mixture of bronze and yellow paint.
with my finger tip.
I like the random folksy-artsy look of that effect.
the star fit perfectly into the beak !
I got out the handy-dandy Gorilla super glue and some soft wire.

tiny-tiny hole drilled into the back wing-tip.

and glue the ends of the wire into the hole
(hold there for 30 seconds and it is set) 

Do You think that maybe these birds hang the stars in the heavens ?
Happy Holidays!
I have a lot of these to make, so I have to start now!

Hugs To You

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texwisgirl said...

those are really cool. love the antiquey looking gold.

Anonymous said...

I love that they hang the stars in heaven,, good luck at the art show!!

Jen of Country Weekend said...

Adorable--I love their shape, and the star is the perfect touch.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Wonderful! The stars are perfect... I was thinking they looked like they could decorate the tree, but I love you idea of hanging the stars in heaven.. blessings ~ Tanna

Terrie said...

Loving it. The flying birdies are lovely.

Samantha said...

Love them..and need some for our tree!

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Well, these are just adorable. I love anything wooden like this that looks distressed or old. Great job! I'm very impressed. :)

Cheryl said...

Your birds are charming... it is 100 here-- and I'm feeling like I should start working on Christmas things too lol

Joni Nickrent said...

Your birds are so whimsical and fun! happy Holidays to you too and thx for the follow over at POP ART MINIS

Denni said...

Birds are my favorite creatures...even though I always have a cat or dog at my feet!
Your work is lovely and you did remind me to start my Christmas crafts!

Kristin Dudish said...

Oh wow! These are definitely my favorites so far! I think the addition of the modeling paste is so beautiful and I love the stars in the beaks! (What a fun way to take your mind off the heat - think winter!)


p.s. Your Hawaiian ice photo is perfect for this week's PPF poll question! Hooray!

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Love the doves for Xmas? Maybe that not what you had in mind ~ but that is where I saw them ~ on a Xmas Tree ~ They are very creative and good you have a great helper ^_^

New to PPF ~ come visit ~ Share the Creative Journey and A Creative Harbor ~ thanx ~ Carol (artmusedog)

La Abela said...

You do a beautiful job .... greetings

Julie said...

These are great, love them!

Gloria said...

Really nice work. Wood is a lot of fun to work with. Thanks for sharing.

Netty said...

Loving your birds. Thank you for sharing and Happy PPF, Annette x

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love all of your birds..but these are the cutest ones you've made! I like that they look like they are in motion! Wonderful, Kat! ♥

Helen said...

These are wonderful and thank you for sharing the process. I love being able to see how things are made. Happy PPF x

Marcia said...

nice painting on those. Very cool! Happy PPF. Marcia at http://marciabeckett.blogspot.com

SHERI C said...

LOVE your sweet birds! HAPPY PPF!

Geckostone said...

WOW!!! I'm totally impressed! The birds are adorable, I want one!!!!!Deb

Melisa said...

Wonderful little birdies!

EVA said...

Wonderful birds!

They put the stars in the sky? What a great tale to add even more charm!

Phoenix Peacock said...

they turned out so well!!

Lablady2007 said...

awesome.. thinking of hearts for the birds for Valentines Day strung with red lights .. woooo pretty.. ty ty for the inspirations.. Hugsssss!