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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Home Depot gift card

on  the blog 
"Not JUST A Housewife"
Stacy had giveaway post awhile back
 My name was picked to win the $100.00
Home Depot Card

Happiness !
 I was so excited and a little overwhelmed
My husband hugged me when I showed him the post.

"Let's shop around for a new washing machine ! "
we both said together
 my old  one is a piece of junk
 after many years of washing things for four boys,
 and a husband and me and the dog and camping boy scouts...
it is ka-putt !

so about a week ago...
Off  to  Home  Depot
 and we looked at every single washer
 We were surprised at the new washing machine technology!
 since the last time we bought one

 HOLY- SUDS  Batman !

scared off by the price 
of the one I had my heart on 
we decided to put off the purchase 


we went to other stores
many !
and ended up finding the prices 
were about the same everywhere.

(another sad face )


Yesterday I answered the phone
 and it was Mr G!...
telling me about a good deal at
 Home  Depot
on a scratched floor model.
He was there to get some wood 
to fix our subdivision's entrance/ info sign
(which is deteriorating badly)

Mr G ...likes to fix things

The price was pretty sweet !
 I couldn't say no
I will embrace the scratches

I' LL Take  IT  he told the salesperson

"Oh No... my wife has this 100 dollar 
Home Depot gift card at home !
will you hold it for me?"
" I  will come on back later  today !"
She agreed to turn the sign over for one hour
 and if  he's back within the hour its ours!
Mr G scrambled home
 picked me up
 with my H D gift card in my hot little hand

Happy Day 
No one else had found it
the sign had been turned back around
but we loaded it on a cart and went off to purchase it
loaded it up in our van

with a little help from a nice guy
 that was walking by in the parking lot! 

It does need a 12 inch base to set up on
we could pay 250.00 $ for a base or
NO !
Mr G has a gleam in his eye
 He bought some two by fours and plywood
and I get a homemade base !
it will be a one of a kind
and a lot more affordable... I mean cool
Yea,... really cool and durable
 Maybe I can even paint birds on it
how about two birds splashing around
 in a birdbath.
 (put a bird on it...anyone?)

-  KAT -


NanaDiana said...

I LOVE IT! YOU are going to love it. My own set is getting old and I will probably need a new one soon!

My son & daughter-in-love got the same machine on a scratch & dent sale AT HOME DEPOT AND he built their base too! Great minds think alike.

Happy Sunday! xo Diana

Carol said...

Front loaders are so nice and your clothes get so much cleaner!!! You will thrilled with it.

TexWisGirl said...

totally excited for you! something you'll use often, found at a deal w/ a $100 gift card to boot! :)

Jane@Cottage at the Crossroads said...

Wow! You need to buy a lottery ticket because you are really lucky lately! How awesome that you could use your gift card to purchase something that you needed. You will probably be happily washing clothes all this week!

Denni said...

Whooh Whooo! Lucky you! Awesome gift and I love that you got it cheaper because of a scratch. I mean who cares about a scratch on their washer? That sounds bad doesn't it? ;)
Enjoy and happy washings...I'm going to go and scrub my clothes on a rock now!

Samantha said...

Woo what a deal! :D
I need a new fridge soon..hoping I stumble over a scratched deal!

Lovely Light said...

Congrats on winning and congrats on finding a new machine! Yay for good deals!