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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Traveling artist this weekend

  really BIG ones !
(oil paint and palette knife)
that have been driving me batty
because they remind me of  butternut squash

  I am going off on a weekend trip with my sisters and brothers to visit the pops !
Some of you friends already know about my dad being a Benedictine monk.
He lives in  a Benedictine Monastery called St Bede Abby
and he has the name of Brother Anthony

The men who  make the vows to become monks
  choose a  "monk name"
My dad chose Anthony 
because  St Anthony was often spoken about
 and prayed to by our mom
She often needed his help to find something mom lost,
 Like her keys or her glasses
 but most often it was something for us kids
 (and my parent have 10 of those)

 I remember distinctly one time when my brother, Kevin couldn't find his hockey stick for a hockey practice. 

 Dad was in the car, honking for him to come out.
 Kevin was almost crying about not having his hockey stick and dad said he could make him a stick
 out of some old pieces of wood in the garage . 
 well how embarrassing would that be... for a ten yr old boy
" yea, my dad made me this
 neat-o hockey stick !"
  I don't think so

...well never fear
 Mom prayed and prayed
 and searched and searched
 and she came up with
 his good ole hockey stick at the last moment !
Saved the day...she did !

So we are going to all get together for the annual
 St Bede Auction Dinner/ Dance
It is a big fundraiser for the St Bede High School
 that is also on the Abbey land and many of the monks are
 or have been teachers at the high school

Where's the ART work KAT ???
you say
here is the pears I have been working on

Ive been adding some of my art works to an art site

please visit and maybe you'll see
something you like
or maybe you want to open a free art  site too
this is a real nice one
sort of like the Red Bubble site
taken UP a notch or two or three !

thanks for reading my long scatter-brained post this week

- KAT -


Theresa said...

I love your hockey stick story. Your dad sounds like he has a great sense of humor!

The pear painting is coming along nicely!

Denise Mulligan said...

Hey KAT,
Nice pears I don't think they look like squash.

I checked out your site selling your paintings they look great. I wish you much luck on sales.

Your dad sounds like mine,he could always make something too. I guess that's where we get our creativity from. And that would definitely give me incentive to find the real stick.