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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Appalachian Trail Hike and WOYWW

I have had all weekend to paint
in solitude
It was a wonderful and peaceful weekend

 My husband and three of my four sons
 hiked the beautiful and challenging 
Virginia/ Tenn Appalachian Mountain Trail.
 Hubby is the troop Scoutmaster 
The Boy scouts of troop 817 Loveland, Ohio
 20 miles in two days and sleeping in hammocks at night.

 Carrying everything on their backs
food, water, clothes, sleeping bags etc....
 the temperatures were in the upper 80's
  trees shade was a good thing !
And no rain was great !
The mosquitoes at dusk were not so great.
luckily they had bug spray and mosquito nets for the evening.
Be Prepared ! That is the Boy Scout Motto

 taking a break every now and then was needed
Time to head out again !
 My youngest with his red do-rag on
His Trail name is "Mountain -Do"
snacking on GORP (G-granola, O-oats, R-raisins, P-peanuts)


Hammocks up at night for sweet mountain dreams

 The terrain was not easy-peasy
it was very rocky and steep in places
Water from a stream to purify and drink
 Water is very important 
and it was scarce toward the end of the hike

Had to be careful about not drinking it all up too fast.

Here is son , Joe an Eagle scout and a fly-fisher enthusiast  !
 Joe makes his own flys from feathers and thread
He is pretty darn good at it
Yes ...he did fall in

Getting tired but having a great experience of a life-time

 This last photo is the end of the hike- 
Hubby is at the bottom of these steps
Happy Trails to you ! troop 817
here is a few of my paintings and my work desk this week
thanks for sticking with this long post about things other than art
But actually
nature is Gods Art
the best art of all !

some of my prints that I had made up for sale at the art shows I  am in

 These prints are on canvas material and came out very nice.
I ordered some prints of my art work
 to have available for sale at a lower price than an original.
  I thought the Quality was great on them all.
I definitely do recommend
I have a free account with them 
and can have up to 25 art works on my page
I make about 10 $ per print sold
If you want to have more you can
I would recommend getting the print on canvas
and just order it rolled in a tube
unless you want to pay for them to mat and frame it for you
which makes the price go up.  and the shipping goes up too
my page is here

-KAT- Griffin


TexWisGirl said...

first, congrats to your hubby, sons and the troop for that hike! :)

and glad you had a great weekend to yourself! as much as i like your birch trees, you have a real gift at cityscapes. they are beautiful, kat!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you posted photos of the trip, I know you mentioned it in a comment on my blog, thats a good man you have there.
I love the phtoto of them all on the stairs,
Your paintings are just beautiful, I love your style so much, the intensity of the color and your subjects just resonate with me, the piece on your desk is beautiful

Jen said...

Fabulous pictures of the hikers--an experience you'll never forget. You must be very proud!

Hope you enjoyed your time alone--your painting are so vibrant and beautiful.

okienurse said...

This is the third time I have tried to post. I am giving up! Loved the pictures and the Scouting story. I loved being active in scouts both as a scout and the parent of an Eagle! Have a great week. Vickie #178

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What a trip! The AT runs right through the area I live in, too. It's rugged! I love your yellow flowers in your painting! Very nice, my friend!

NanaDiana said...

How wonderful that your family is involved in scouting. It is a wonderful organization and the lessons they learned there will serve well for a lifetime. I know how proud you must be!

I am glad you had some time to work on your beautiful artwork. xo Diana

Kristin said...

What beautiful pictures and wonderful memories! AND best of all - you got a weekend to yourself! Lovely work! xo

Valerie said...

Beautiful paintings! Looks like the boys had a wonderful hike. Great pictures.