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Monday, July 2, 2012

Loveland, Ohio - Paint The Town Event

Loveland, Ohio's 
" Paint the Town "
was this last Sunday
We all tried to enjoy the shade 
and drank lots of water 
Many people came on over and enjoyed our paintings

my guys came to help me out

fountain was refreshing to be close to on Sunday

Winning art by Deirdie

the Loveland fountain

my favorite kind of flower

Bobbie with her winning watercolor of the Presbyterian church

more art by other artists

Monica's art

Bob does some painting

What A week !

Hot Hot Hot

As in temperature and humidity
 Friday a hurricane strength storm blew through
 Ohio and Loveland
Blew out the power to our house and many others in the areas
for three sweltering days !!!
I had to retreat to places with power 
befor we all went crazy from the heat
My son and husband slept outdoors in the trees
They have hammocks for camping
 because of the fact that they camp alot and are boy scouts
I could not bring myself to sleep outside at night
so I slept as close as possible to the open window 

Bandit and My son, Ryan

good thing Bandit had a shave recently
 It was really too hot for a fire 
but fire is somehow a good distraction at night
 from having nothing much to do 
...and it is comforting in the darkness

notice Bandit is moving away from the heat

I hope everyone has survived the heatwave
 and the storms so far
Oh the power of Mother Nature
How Awesome



Anonymous said...

beautiful art wow, yours is the best in the bunch, beautiful photos,

Lesley said...

I live in hurricane alley!!! I could go on and on with stories of no electric for weeks, lost roofs, and the like. One good thing is we are so use to it, we have supplies on hand and really know how to tough it out. Here's a good tip: To get a hot shower, fill the garden hose fitted with a sprayer, up with water and stretch it across the lawn. Wait a little while and you got a hot shower!!! lol

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love to go to art festivals. You see such a wonderful variety. You are so talented my friend! It's hot down here in FL...but not as hot as a lot of the rest of the country. Isn't that funny! Hugs!

Jen said...

I love seeing pictures of your are, and so admire you for getting it out there, even in the terribly hot weather. How fun that your boys sleep outside. I was thinking about doing that myself. Stay cool and safe!

Kelly said...

Hi Kat!
We survived the wind storm, but four of our trees didn't. Two are totally down and the other two were saved, but are about half the size they used to be! Matty and I were outside when the ferocious straight-line wind moved through. It was so strange. The trees went down in an instant, and we were nearly blown off the deck. We held on tight! Amazingly, we didn't lose our electricity! Glad your's is back on and all is well.

TexWisGirl said...

glad you are okay. what a mess this weather/storms/floods/drought/fires season has been already!

i lost internet for 3 days (not storm related) but at least had power and a/c!

nice to see so many of the church entries in your art show above.