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Sunday, April 17, 2011

 Here are just a few quick photos I just snapped around the house and yard.  Spring is in full swing now.  it is a blustery day but a beautiful sunny day.

My little surprise tulips...They grow this time of year and are gone before I can get their photo taken sometimes.

My dear sweet father in law, Dave..is being remembered especially today by us here.  he was the reason I married my husband in a way.  He always treated me very kindly.  When Dave(my husband of 33 yrs) was in a car accident back in our high school days.  He drove me home and we sat in the old driveway and chatted before I got out.  He knew I was upset about the accident, which happened on his way home one night after he was at my house.  I could feel that he was terribly shaken up  too.  we comforted each other in those few moments chatting in the car and I think we had a bond ever since that.  He knew I cared about his son, and I knew he wanted only the best for his son too.  Dave passed away after a hard battle with cancer..He suffered and withered like this beautiful sweet tulip will do soon again.  This tulip comes back to us every year in the Spring and we remember sweet Dave at this time of year .  He is loved and remembered with joy and sorrow and longing to chat with him again.

                   These are a special flower that my mom
                         was happy to see this time of year

                                  She is an Angel now

         Happy Happy Spring my family and friends! 

Some day we will all be reborn together and be more beautiful than even these Springtime flowers and trees


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~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I am so sorry for your loss. I know how hard it can be....I'll keep you in my prayers. Lovely flowers! It's so nice to see signs of Spring! ♥