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Friday, April 15, 2011

A "Door "was closed but "Windows" have opened up! JOY!

                 Another Day another emotion I guess. What is my problem.? Don't answer that!

  I'm happy to say I am looking forward to lots of new opportunities. Thank you to my blog friends for inspirational comments. (see comments on previous blog I wrote two days ago)

     I have someone who contacted me the other day through etsy and wants to sell my birds in her gift shop that she is taking over soon,  in the (Berkshires Area)  Williamstown, MA. I am going to take a chance on her offer to consign some birds to her shop.  Hopefully my folk art (in all it's rustic, simplistic glory,)  will appeal to east coast visitors and tourists. 

    Another opportunity is that my facebook friend and home- town, mid-westerner friend , Danny Langone has offered to let me illustrate his children 's book about a cat.  He tells me we should publish before Christmas if we can!  wow. I'm so excited about that. So I am making  water color illustrations for the book.  I am working away at these now in my studio, (about 22 in all)  I can't wait to see it all in print!  keep your fingers crossed for us to be successful. My first but hopefully not my last "book work" for Danny!  His daughter Kimberly is a graphic artist and she is going to do all the layout work to make it look spiffy.   Danny  and I do not want to spoil the surprise  but I will post one or two of the water colors that I am working on for the book called "Creeper" You'll have to get the book and read Danny's fun and sweet story about Creeper the cat. and he has other books already published... one I just loved called "Flybait's Lament" was a wonderful funny, an mysterious story! I couldn't put it down and it kept me giggling all throughout the curious  and disturbingly funny story. contact Danny Langone to get a copy of it...he will even autograph it if you ask him.  He is on my blogs I follow, as  "Tadaaaaah" Did I get that right ?  I hope so.
So I am holding my artistic head high and pushing through disappointment about the art show i didn't get into and other things will keep me striving to improve myself everyday.  
More about "Creeper" when it all comes together! Don't forget


ANNE said...

Yay! It all sounds wonderful, so glad for you my friend!

ANNE said...

Kat, I just announced your upcoming guest post, I'm excited about it!