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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mr Black...Head ???

My Saturday was very calm and uneventful
Just wandering around the yard in the steam-bath air!
I had to water the wilting plants on the patio
and take a little swing in my porch swing
It has an awning so it is my shady spot.

so....I was looking at the bird feeder tree
 and spotted something strange and something cute.

Peek - A - Boo


He is so shy...but he likes sunflower seeds
and doesn't bother the birds at all
very nice manners

Isn't he cute?

Now he's spotted me !!!

What a chicken...am I that scary?

What the heck is this bird I see?

I think it has to be a cardinal, right?

He has a black head
or no head feathers I can not tell which

Flying away
I call him Mr Black-headed Cardinal


texwisgirl said...

wow. you can even see that poor cardinal's ears! i hope he can re-grow some coverage soon!

and that chippy is too darn cute!

Jen of Country Weekend said...

amazing pictures!

Jann Olson said...

It's so nice to have mannerly visitors. Cute pictures of that shy critter. Beautiful red bird, think it must be a cardinal. I love it when critters come to visit my yard. Unless it's snakes. I've weed eated two of them (one accidently). Does that make me a terrible person? Thanks for visiting my blog.

Sue said...

I've never seen a cardinal look like this guy, Kat! Strange looking fellow... Your little chipmunk sure is cute. We don't have many in our yard- but we get an occasional visit. However, we sure do have the squirrels! The neighbor had to have his roof repaired because they ate through his shingles. Yikes! Try to stay cool- our Ohio weather has been so hot and sticky, hasn't it?

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Oh, my! Looks like he has a case of alopecia. Poor guy. Alvin is a cutey! Very interesting sights from your porch this morning! blessings ~ tanna

Samantha said...

That poor cardinal is just freaky!
Wonder how he lost all those feathers? Mites?

Anonymous said...

I laughed when you said Alvin,, I think your Cardinal must be molting,,poor guy,, looks like he had a bike helmet on.Thanks for visiting today!

Sandy Coleman said...

Wow, you are quick with the camera. Nice photos. I love chipmucks. So cute.

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Fantastic photos ! So creative ~ ^_^ ~ Looks like a cardinal ~

Visiting from Creative Everyday ~Hope you will come visit: A Creative Harbor and other blog is Share the Creative Journey~ namaste, Carol ^_^

Vicki Holdwick said...

Hi Kat,

I once had a cardinal that looked very much like that one and sent his picture to Birds and Blooms to ask them if this was some kind of hybrid bird. Their experts said that this is a cardinal with some kind of normal condition that wasn't harmful to the bird and that it is not uncommon as I expected it would be.

I have to wonder if that isn't "my" cardinal. Thanks for your visit to my blog and your lovely comment.

Love your photos,


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love the cute chipmunk! It's so much fun to try to photograph them! And the cardinal? I'm not sure! Very different bird! ♥

Linda Makiej said...

Really terrific photos here.... :)

Q said...

Hi Kat,
So good to meet you. Lavender Dreamer sent me over to look at your bird....male Cardinal with his head feathers gone. I think they will grow back. I had a Cardinal who had lost all his head feathers and it was in the middle of winter. He was fine. Worried me.
Your chipmunk is so cute.
Looking forward to reading your blog and getting to know you. Love the bird ornaments...I do think they are the ones that hung the stars last night! Charming!

lisa said...

It is so nice to meet you Kat, and welcome to The Creative Exchange. Love little Alvin, but that poor cardinal. I sure hope he's not sick.

Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful photographs with us today.

Have a great evening!


Lesley Litrento said...

Your black headed cardinal most likely has an illness that is making him lose his head feathers. It could also be, probably more probable, that his mate is picking the feathers off. This happens when they are having nest building and breeding stress. Love the little ground squirrel. Cute.

Diana Evans said...

Hi Kat!!!! these photos are fantastic!!!! what a wonderful sight!!! Thank you so much for popping by and sharing these with us!!!!

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Chipmunk is so cute!

I think Mr Cardinal got into a scuffle!

Thanks for coming by the Back Porch!

Tasha said...

Great pictures!! I am a lover of all things in nature!

Honey at 2805 said...

I broke out in laughter when you said ALVIN! And what great shots of your cardinal. I have one to but he is too elusive for me to "shoot".

Hope you will please drop by and enter my $50 Overstock.com Gift Card Giveaway!! If there are 500 entries, the amount will increase the Gift Card to $100.

Louisette said...

Wow wonderfull fotos cardinal, greeting from Belgium