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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Friday is so Fun, Saturday is going to be a hard day to get through...

Happy Friday(almost)

Friday is always a pretty great day
I am joining "Paint Party Fridays"
Everyone is so nice and so creative
I love this group!

I started out
if you remember with the 18 by 24 inch canvas board
the Masking tape thing again
I don't know why but I like doing this
...first days painting
was posted a few days ago

 Thursday morning, I added more white and orange and browns

then later on Thursday I did a little bit more
 with some smaller branches using the palette knife,
  I slid in both north/south and east/west directions
on each branch
I am trying to get the effect of the
Shaggy bark or lake  Birch
is the Annual Fall Art Show/ Contest 
in  Loveland, Ohio's Nesbit Park 
right on the Little Miami bike trail
 a wonderful spot for an art show
 here in little Loveland.
The weather will be fall like
 but sunny and not too hot or too cool.
Perfect right?
I am dreading it
I volunteered to help set up 
and sit at the "Loveland Art Studios on Mains" booth
It's how I'm punishing myself
I think
But actually I do want to help out.
during the art show all day Saturday.
I'm sort of sad to be absolutely dreading going there 
...but I really want to be a part of the art show some how!
 I am not aloud to sell any art 
... and only can show one item on a booth display.
I applied to have a booth and show my art
 ( even to pay 75 bucks for the booth ) 
 to be a part of the artist community here in Loveland
BUT...sniff- sniff
I was not picked to be one of the lucky 80 artists
  NOT aloud to set up a booth in the park and ....
...I'll continue this  later maybe.
 (I'm a big CRY-baby)

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Lesley said...

This is WRONG!!! Ugg! I hate when artists are disenfranchised!! WE don't need anyone discouraging us! We do enough of that to ourselves. Damn. There....I swore for you.

What is it with juried shows?? If it's a gallery of something of that nature, I understand the selective process. But an outdoor show at which artists sell their work, what is up with the critique. Let the buyers do that!! Right??!

btw. I can't help but see 'the happy accident' in the use of the word 'aloud' instead of 'allowed' in your blog post. You have been silenced as an artist. Your voice will not be aloud.;)

If it helps out at all...before reading your words, I took a look at your painting and was simply delighted with your palette work. It really is just that...delightful. :)

Next time, don't volunteer to sit at the booth. If they don't pick your work, they don't get you either. (I'm sticking my tongue out at them right now.)

Keep on keeping on girlfriend. :)

Jen of Country Weekend said...

That really makes me angry and sad for you. You have every right to be upset. I think your paintings are fantastic. You have really caught beauty of the birch trees.

Jen of Country Weekend said...

That really makes me angry and sad for you. You have every right to be upset. I think your paintings are fantastic. You have really caught beauty of the birch trees.

Denni said...

Shaggy bark (great name!) is fantastic. You have nothing to worry about your art is beautiful. Juried shows are hard to please. Most are looking for something specific as a theme and one never knows what they're looking for. Go have fun, enjoy being outdoors, the people, the art. Bring cards of your art if you have it and hand them out with your website on it too.

Carol said...

Love your trees!!! Your art is wonderful...it just takes the right judge with the right attitude to get into some of those shows.

Ayala Art said...

What a beautiful painting! Love those trees and the texture!
About the show... well... that sux, but maybe you will get into it slowly? I know the feeling and is never fun, but you have a beautiful painting! Show them! :oD
Thanks for visiting my blog earlier! ♥

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I so love seeing your work in progress as it goes! It's fantastic! Sorry you didn't get picked :-(

Anita @ Cedar Hill Ranch said...

You should have been allowed to have a booth, you are very talented. Why not sell online or do you already have a website that I am unaware of? When a door closes, I always think, oh I wonder what window God is going to open for me.

Teri C said...

What a beautiful painting and I love the way you showed how it developed.

Mary C. Nasser said...

Love this painting...it's vivid colors and texture! The composition is great, too!

It's my first week for PPF but it has been delightful so far!!

Thanks for showing the process of the work as it developed.


Joni Nickrent said...

Your painting is beautiful...love watching the progress! Don't get the whole process with art shows...if you're good enough to help in the booth you're more than good enough to have your own booth! Your work is amazing and deserves the recognition, but think that Denni had an awesome suggestion...sometimes people just don't know a great thing when they see it!! POP ART MINIS

WrightStuff said...

Those trees are real!

Their loss I say! Seems a bit odd not to let you sell outside. But don't let it stop you trying!!

Carol McKenna said...

You are 'better than most and as good as the rest' ~ don't let others get to you ~ You are doing awesome artwork and am sure you do it because you love to ~ Your day is here! Wow! Love your art! and PPF loves you! ~thanks, namaste, Carol (Share the Creative Journey) and Happy PPF ^_^

Netty said...

Wonderful artwork Kat.....I agree with everyones comments its their loss. Happy PPF, Annette x

La Abela said...

Great job ... I liked seeing the evolution step by step. Saludos

Christine said...

beautiful painting, so sorry you were not allowed to set up a booth.

Geckostone said...

I love your painting and you should have been chosen for the show, how sad! You are so sweet to be volunteering though. I bet something magical will happen for you though, you never know how these things can turn into something great! I'm glad you are hanging in there and not giving up! Big hugs, Deb

iamrushmore said...

I reeeallly love your painting. I never ever tire of trees. Your bark is gorgeous.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I'm so sorry for your disappointment! Your art is wonderful, Kat...please don't be discouraged! We ALL support you HERE! And appreciate that you share your talent with all of us! ♥

carlarey said...

There is just no accounting for the jury process. My husband serves on a few selection committees, and he is forever raging about not being able to get talented people seen and heard because of stupid committee politics.

I hope you manage to enjoy the day in spite of everything.

I love your beautiful paintings.

SHERI C said...

Your trees painting is beautiful so far. It is this Show's loss that you were not selected to join. BOOO to them but you keep your chin up. You are a wonderful artist. Still gonna wish you a Happy PPF!

Rosie Kaplan said...

I love seeing you WIP and try again next year but I agree they take your work or dont' get you!

EVA said...

I think your trees are gorgeous! It is Loveland loss to NOT have your work at their show.

Megan said...

Beautiful trees... and I like the masking tape technique! I'll have to remember that and try it sometime :) Your art is beautiful ~ thank you for sharing!

Mary Hysong said...

Love your trees, thank you for showing your process. A shame you can't set up your own stuff; but don't take it too hard. I do a lot of stuff that I and others think is really good, but never win the prize at the show and usually hate the winner.....not because I didn't win but because they are ugly! Well, to each their own. Happy PPF!

ThisTinder said...

Aw! I hope your day there turned out to be ok. This is a really beautiful piece of work...gorgeous detail in the bark of the trees. I can't believe you didn't get picked!

Hybrid J said...

Great texture feel of your tree work! Well Done!

Brandi said...

your paintings are beautiful. i love your idea to use masking tape for the trees. i saw a similar technique on design stars one day. i wanted to use this idea in my home, but i had no idea where to begin. thank you so much for sharing. I'm pinning this for later.

Melisa said...

I love the texture of the bark and the overlapping branches. Wonderful work! I understand why you are upset about the show on Saturday but please know that just because your work wasn't selected does not mean it isn't good enough. If they could only show 80 artists there might have been many wonderful artists not chosen. Don't let it get you down!

Annabelle said...

Wow, you really captured those birch trees beautifully!
I agree with everyone, their loss.There are many venues to sell your art and I'm sure many better opportunities will follow.Take care and keep creating these beautiful paintings.

Joni Nickrent said...

Love the texture and the way the trees take on a life of their own in your painting! Awesome work! POP ART MINIS