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Friday, September 16, 2011

Some things About Me Post...

I think these background info posts are important 
just like you
 I paint a lot at home on my kitchen table for some reason
maybe I'm a hopeless "Home-body"

   I'm Mom  (they call me Mem-mem)  
to four boys, ages 34, 24, 19 and 12 years.   
that is my most important job and joy of all my life !

I've enjoyed painting since a very young age
 and took lessons here and there, 
but prefer to explore the arts in  my own own unique ways. 
Painting took a back seat to raising a family. 
We moved around a lot, being a military family for 21 years.

I experienced  working for a well know folk artist
 in Yorktown, Virginia, named Nancy Thomas. 
... absorbed a lot of the basics like mixing colors 
and how to paint in the folk art style
 in a whimsical way, using modeling paste
...creating texture with it.

I have a great appreciation and fascination for nature
 and all kinds of Art.
 ...enjoy experimenting with oil, watercolor, and acrylic paint. 
 Forest and landscapes, birds and flowers are my favorite subjects. 
...enjoy using the palette knife technique
 and also multimedia pieces  
using nature “stuff” 
  (Interesting pieces of bark pieces and pinecones and acorns.)

I love to swing on my porch swing a lot
and I love pretzels.
I'm currently working on some watercolor illustrations 
with paints and ink to illustrate 
a children’s book 
...that should be out this winter. 
It is about a cat named “Creeper” written by Danny Langone
 of Beloit, Wisconsin (my home town).
 Future children’s books , hopefully will follow 
... the next one being about a mouse named “Percy”.

I am  always exploring what I can learn.
 We all find inspiration everywhere in nature and in life!

this is some bark art

do you see the spy in the woods ?

another palette knife tree painting that i sold to a
stranger...and I was over joyed when I did !
So as you see I love trees, animals and birds! 
 Birds have been a favorite subject of mine! 
... catching photos of them in my backyard
 or in a painting with flowers or trees 
my birch tree bird feeder and a cute little guy
A backyard visit from a red bellied woodpecker!
so exciting

water coloring try
my latest water-coloring
 cardinal and daisies

a gift for my 80 yr old Father 
(who is now called Brother Anthony)
he is a Benedictine Monk in Peru, Illinois.
which is a rural area out in the middle of the USA.
(my moms favorite saint)
St Anthony helped her find a lot of misplaced items
like glasses, school books, hockey sticks and pom-poms...
you get it , right?
I also blog about my mood,and hard times
Like when I did not get chosen for an art show 
that I really, really wanted to be in
 for two years in a row! (gasp)
my latest post from yesterday is all about crying over that stuff for the second time !
it does help to get it out and off my shoulders.
I'm blessed to have great friends
 among the bloggers here 

  I love the U. P.
 I love my grams Lake house
 which I blogged about in May 2011.  
The home was on Lake Huron in Michigan 
it is a large influence on me and holds wonderful memories

Hi Gram !
my dads mum is from German heritage
Her family name is Munck

Lake Huron
My Mums parent s are   French Canadian
Family name is Gignac

 My Gram Loved  Flowers
So I hope you enjoyed taking a little look at my blog 
I also blog about food and my travels 
and my ups and downs trying to be as great a mom 
and woman as my Mom was. 
 I hope you will come visit me
I'm doing a gift-away for my followers 
...if you message me when I have 100 followers 
 I'm getting very close to 100 followers.  
which is a big deal to me !
Hugs and peace and joy


Stacy said...

I loved this post!!! You are so talented. Thank you for sharing a little bit more about you :)

Raspberry Hill Crafts said...

Great post...Great artwork..great photos.

TexWisGirl said...

nice to get to know you a bit more! :)

Geckostone said...

Wow Kat this is sooooo cool!Thanks for being so open and sharing so much with us!!! I love the blogs for this reason too! My favorite painting you showed was the deer "spy", oh that is adorable!!! Your driftwood paintings are really wonderful too!Thats so neat that your dad is a Benedictine Monk! Lately I have been getting messages about how we should be open and show our love. Like the song by Creed, " I'll show you everything with arms wide open" . Because life is just too short and if we don't be and show who we really are to those we care about , we might not get the chance later!Happy PPF! Big hugs, Deb

ger chouinard said...

KAT: BEST post ever! WOW ... how cool is that? Thx for sharing so much! You do NOT have a 34 year old boy!? Mine are 28 & 23. My claim to fame is being there mom! So now I sorta know who you are! Just added me as a follower ... you have 5 more to go! Happy PPF ... LOVE your paintings!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What a fun post...to get to know you better! I hope today turns out to be a MUCH better day than you expect! Wish I was there, we would have a BALL! ♥

Betty Baldwin said...

Great post Kat!!!

Jackie said...

Wow, what a wonderful post. Thanks for sharing so much, it's really interesting, and I am really jealous about your porch swing! I love your oil paintings.

Kristin Dudish said...

This is a fantastic post - It is so great to learn more about you :) I think your paintings are wonderful - I love the shapes of your trees - I think it's great how you showed your masking tape process in the last post! You create amazing things with your palette knife and I agree with everyone - It is Loveland's loss that you didn't have a booth! Please don't let it discourage you!


p.s. I love pretzels too (as long as they are chocolate covered)! hee hee

ANNE said...

Love the glimpse into your life, Kat! Your grandmother's house on the lake looks wonderful, I can just imagine how much fun it would be for kids to visit there. I bet it was a big influence on your love of nature.