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Monday, October 3, 2011

Giveaway Just Because...

... i have 100 followers ! 
Please leave a comment
 and if you want to be included in the birdie give away ...let me know
in your comment which type of birdie
 is your favorite.

you can pick from
robin, cardinal, owl, bluebird,
 black-capped chickadee, or woodpecker

here is the photo of them all once more

they start our as plain wooden shapes
that I draw onto wood and
Mr. G cuts them all out on his band saw for me.
He's the BEEeeeeeesssssSST !

they end up perched on tiny circular branch cuttings

favorite crunchy snack - pretzels
favorite  classic movie - "Gone With The Wind"
favorite bird - owls
favorite  wine -  a smooth not too dry, Cabernet Savignon
My mom is in heaven
My dad is a Benedictine Monk
Married to  my high school sweet-heart
we both went to Catholic grade and high school together.

I have four sons (33, 23, 19, and 13) that I love enormously
I'm a night owl
I like flip-flops, soft sand beaches, and any wavy ocean !
I love the sound of : 
sea gulls, wind in the birch trees in fall 
I  Love all types of music
I like to sing at church
(with lots of others singing along)
When I'm alone I often hum a lot.
I always worry about my weight, but I never diet.
I have a large extended family that I love to get together with.
I like change, from time to time
as in moving into a new home.
I was an air-force wife for 20 years.
I got married and had a baby boy over in England at age 19
I learned how to drive a stick- shift
 on the opposite side of the road... in England 
 Then - I  forgot how to drive a stick-shift 
I love holidays, and I like it to snow
...but can't wait for it to warm back up about February.

well that's enough of that...

I will pick  six ( 6 ) mini-bird winners
  Monday October 10 th.
so please leave a comment now and tell me your favorite bird
 from the choices I gave you above...OK ?

- KAT -

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check this one out if you shop at Lowes !


Come check out  this blog and get some motivation maybe !!!


Sue said...

Kat, How interesting to learn all these facts about you! I love your cardinal- so appropriate for us here in Ohio! Congrats on the 100 followers~ Come by and enter my give-away, too~ Sue

TexWisGirl said...

Hurray!!! Pick me, pick me!!! I would LOVE one of your woodpeckers, but if you don't have enough of those, a cardinal is my next pick! Thanks for the opportunity, dear Kat!

i loved learning a bit more about you too! i still drive a stick-shift. and i hum A LOT!!!

Ginger said...

I love the sweet blue bird each are so cute! to hard to pick just one!
What a wonderful craft.

Diana Evans said...

your birds are so sweet!!! wonderful work Kat!!! and congrats on reaching 100!!!

Anonymous said...

owls are my favorite birds of all.I congratulate you on the 100 followers and I hope for 100 more!

Jen of Country Weekend said...

Congratulations Kat! I enjoyed all the fun facts about you--what an interesting life you've led. I always enjoy your family posts. Hard to pick a favorite bird, but I have to choose the owl.

Carol said...

Talk about a tough choice...guess I'll go with the Woodpecker... We have them at our hummingbird feeders all the time. Our woods are full of several kinds of woodpeckers and I enjoy watching them hop around the way their heads bounce up and down when they are feeding.

Denni said...

Hey Kat!
Congrats on being over 100 followers. I loved reading about you...I also love the sea, flipflopss, birds...I'm a night owl, Gone with the wind is an all time favorite of mine too!
I can't choose a favorite bird because they are so different and beautiful. But if I win I'd choose the Woodpecker. Love those stunning red heads. Thanks for the opportunity to win a lovely work of yours!

Samantha said...

Fun facts about you! You know how much I adore my current bird from you..and the crow is on my list next...
I would love a cardinal!

ANNE said...

Love learning more about you, Kat! I was an army brat, so i can relate to your time as a world traveler... it does make you crave change! I love all your birds, but I think the robin is my favorite since I had the pleasure of raising two baby robins last summer!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love the bluebird...although the cardinal is beautiful, too! And guess what...I have FOUR sons! Mine are all grown now but it sure has been fun having ALL boys! And your Dad is a Monk...very interesting! Hugs! ♥

Kelli- AdventurezInChild'Rearing said...

I just fell in love with your little birds! so pretty - I'd love it if we win cause I can make it a project with my 3 sons- (they're a little younger than yours- but we love art & nature!) I may just have to link to some of your projects on our nature homeschool blog - love it!

I think I'd pick the blue bird- but they are all beautiful!

Betsy said...

I would love to have a cardinal, because it's also the state bird of Indiana! And I was so fun to read all about you. Thanks for sharing all of that. I have to say I'm especially fascinated by the fact that your dad is a Benedictine monk. We recently visited the Abbey of Gethsemani, which is a Trappist monastery in Kentucky.