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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Kat Griffin makes a scarf with eyelashes

Winter is here ...
and so scarves are a staple in the windy city of Chicago, Illinois
- where two of my sons now live.
The first scarf  is a gift
for Heidi.
  So Drew and I went to Hobby Lobby 
and searched the yarn isle
for a suitable yarn.
(Drew is very, very picky)
 He had his heart set on a beautiful red and black eyelash yarn.
I tried at first to knit with it... 
NO  GO !
my brain was  in" blank-out mode".
Then I thought,.. well certainly I can do an easy crochet scarf
OH  NO !
...it was a disaster, trying to keep my rows straight 

So I bought some plain black yarn 
and made a scarf 
(it was so easy and only took me about an hour.)

 I crocheted  till it was about four and a half feet long.
(with tassels of  course)
 Heidi  called me up and she really loves the scarf
Whew !
  I'm so glad it worked out.

Here is a small scarf I made
to use up the left-over yarn

after I had a basic black scarf with a crochet hook

I added the eyelash yarn to it with a large darning needle (I'm a cheater )

weave the eyelash stuff in and out between the rows

keep the eyelash yarn very loose ...not too tight, or it will not show enough

first two rows on

four rows on

10 rows on

keep the end pieces there to make tassels with

cut all evenly

use another piece to tie around three or four of the ends to make a tassel

this one only has three tassels - you could make more

how do you like it ?
Butterfly Kisses Galore !

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Jen said...

It is gorgeous! You are so talented!

TexWisGirl said...

glad you showed pictures, because i had NO idea what eyelash yarn was! :)

NanaDiana said...

Oh! What a creative solution. My friend tried working with the eyelash yarn and gave up. She said it was miserable to work with. Wait till she sees this...after I email her the link! You did a beautiful job and it is just gorgeous- xo Diana

Carol said...

Love it!!! I've got a stash of eyelash yarn that I picked up at a thrift store. When I crochet with it I us a plain yarn with it. So I'm crocheting with two threads..one eyelash ...a one regular yarn. Your method works too.

Betty Jo said...

I don't knit, so I'm always so amazed at the unbelievable creativity of my friends who do. The eyelash yarn is incredibly beautiful, as is your scarf. I think I was trying to link to my Latte Factor bars when you visited. I'm new at this affiliate thing, but finally got it to work. LOL I lived in Chicago for a couple of years. Scarfs are definitely needed there!

The Bathtime Team said...

This is lovely. I love reds and blacks together. My sis Anita knitted me a black scarf ... so if I need a charge... Might have a look through our scarf and glove box. I suppose too you could jazz up a pair of black knitted gloves?

And thanks for adding it to our linky party!


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

How beautiful! I've made lots of scarves and even crocheted with the eyelash yarn but I've never used it to weave into a scarf! What a great idea! And you've chosen the perfect colors! I love it! ♥

Jamie Hammond said...

What a beautiful scarf!

Anonymous said...

that was way over my head, but I love the scarf! very pretty! found you on Lisa's Craft Blog link party.

Leanne @ because (i think) i can

Lisa @ Lisa's Craft Blog said...

Sooo beautiful and your tutorial is great! Thank you so much for sharing and linking up to Lisa's Linky List!!
~Lisa @ Lisa's Craft Blog

TeriB said...

I made a scarf with this one and I followed Carol's comment--crocheted with 2 strands-1 regular, like a worsted-type yarn and 1 eyelash, together. I don't knit so I'm not sure it would work that way, but I think your way has more texture than mine!

Shirley said...

Not a cheater at all, a solution oriented person is what you are! that was a great idea, and the end result is beautiful.