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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My first Born Son, David Patrick (bubba)

David is my eldest son (of four) he is the one on the left and this is his daughter Jillian

I love my "Bubba"  -  My Davey . 
Does he remember that I called him that?
 I don't know. 
He probably remembers that we all called him Davey 
when he was little.
He was born about 34 yrs ago
to a mom that was only 18 yrs old
and we did alright
He grew up an Air force kid  in our military family
we moved about every two to four years.
It was a good life but it had few roots 
David learned to be adaptable.
 He was an only child for ten years till another brother came along
He was very good big brother of course 
and was patient and playful with his little baby brother.
It must have been hard 
to have little brothers come on the scene
and take my energy and attentions away a lot.
  before I knew it he was all grown up.  
Now he is married  to his Best friend and love of his life, Jessica
Jess is like a daughter to me and I love her so much .


they soon gave us a precious grand daughter
The apple of my eye.
Dave and Jess are the best parents I have ever known

Here are  few  things that spring to my mind
as I think about my son, David.

He was always well behaved...quiet, thoughtful and happy
He  has a heart of pure gold, and cares about others happiness
He even worries too much about things being perfect
and as they should be.
If you need something done 
He is the "go to guy" !
 ...the guy who can figure things out
and is always willing to help.
this is when they came to surprise us with news of a baby on the way

Max is their first baby

Best Dad ever ...Best Son Ever
I LOVE you Bubba !
Happy Valentines day Soon


Anne said...

Oh my gosh, this warms my heart! Your son and daughter in law are adorable and look like delightful people!!

Jen said...

He sounds like a wonderful son and man (and father). A heartwarming post.

Anonymous said...

I'll have to make sure he reads this. He really is such a kind, genuine person. He amazes me, still, after being with him 15 years. He must have had wonderful parents that taught him how to be loving and compassionate. They taught him to be a hard worker and independent. I really do adore him and his family. Love you all

TexWisGirl said...

he sounds like a great son and a wonderful man. :)

Carol said...

A very touching post!!! He sounds like the perfect son ... congratulations!

Michele's Scrapy Creations said...

love the post~ congratulations~

Michele's Scrapy Creations said...

love the post~ congratulations~