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Friday, March 9, 2012

art work under way this weekend

This is a painting that is inspired by one I saw 
at my friend, Winnie's house the other day

I loved all the warm colors
Spring is really trying to come early this year.

The hubby and the youngest of my sons are off to 
Stonelick State Park for a camp out with the boy scouts

Yes... I am a boy scouting widow

Hubby is the scoutmaster and has been for a year plus

it is such a big commitment of  his time
 but he loves doing it
And I think it is  a great way for him to bond with his sons

 I have a lot of nice peace and quiet to do my painting uninterrupted all weekend.

It's actually pretty sweet now and then
 to have the place all to myself.

Drying by the air vent

This is my very first oval shaped canvas
It is going to eventually
be a pair of cardinals
gazing at each other high up in a tree

I also plan to glue on other things to it
I DO have a plan in mind
I hope it turns out how I am imagining it to be in the end !

There are a lot of cardinals around here

I alway stop and gaze at them when I spot one
 out in the yard or at the bird seed feeder

so beautiful

Hugs to all


Anonymous said...

you are so very lucky to have cardinals in your yard, we rarely see one here.In March the odd time one came to our feeder and I would put an orange out to entice him but they are very rare this far north, they gotta be lost to end up here.Like a lot of people! lol.Enjoy your quiet weekend, can't wait to see the reveal.

NanaDiana said...

It will be fun to see the picture all done and your take on it. Love cardinals. We have a pair at our feeders right now..during the daytime that is. They are such gorgeous birds.

My sil was the head of the Boy Scout Sea base in Key West when he met my daughter. He loved the job and did it for a few years after he got out of the service.

I hope you enjoy every moment to yourself. I like those days, too! xo Diana

wayside wanderer said...

I really love the colors in the picture of the road and trees. Very nice.g