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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

WOYWW and pepperoni cheese roll-ups

My Work Desk  and a egg shaped canvas

For dinner on my
13 yr old son's birthday 
I am making Pepperoni Cheesy Roll-ups


cook a box of wavy lasagne noodles
till slightly underdone (very very el dente)

the noodles will cook fully in the oven
drain the noodles after boiling for about 5 mins
cool the noddles fast with ice-cubes right in the pot
(noodles have to be soft enough to roll up )

add EVOO to keep the noodles
 from sticking together

chop up some pepperonis ...as much as you like

little bitty pieces

cook for a few mins over med-hi heat 
to get some of the fat out and drain on some paper towels

mix up two  med eggs
 five tablespoons of cream-cheese
 a cup and half of shredded mozzarella
 half cup of Parmesan  cheese
...garlic and onion salt if you like

cheeses mixed all together

mix all the cheeses up with eggs - spread on noodle

Sprinkle on some of the chopped pepperoni

I use a jar of spaghetti sauce save one third for the topping
 and I use sugar to get rid of the acid flavor 
I sprinkle a little chicken broth over the noodles
 to add a richness
this is healthier than adding butter to the noodles
then top the roll-ups with the remaining third of the
  sweet spaghetti sauce with a cup of water added
this water will help the noodles finish cooking in the oven

sprinkle the top with leftover shredded mozzarella  and pepperoni crumbs
cover with foil

bake in 350 oven
for 40 mins
let it cool slightly (10-15 mins)
and then

Chatty Chics


Anonymous said...

ooooo, this sounds and looks wonderful.I will have try this one,
Happy birthday to your son~

NanaDiana said...

This sounds like a GREAT recipe, KAT! I am saving it to my recipe files. I think my grandkids would love it! xo Diana

Jen said...

Love the egg-shaped canvas and painting. Your son is a lucky boy--that recipe sounds delicious! I know my sons would love it.

May said...

Now Kat you have made me want to eat!! and I was trying to be good!! that fod looks so yummy thanks for the recipe yum yum!! now on to your fabulous artwork, fantastic!! you are a very gifted lady, Have a super week, Hugs May x x x

Redanne said...

Love the look of your work and loving the receipe, never mind the grandkids, I might have a go for me and His Lordship - thank you! Regards, Anne #47

CraftygasheadZo said...

Fab pics, sounds yummy. Hey ho it's Friday but I'm still snooping the WOYWW desks & loving every minute! Take care Zo xx33

Sugarr2518 said...

This sounds soo tasty! I think I may just have to try out this recipe:)

Chatty Chics said...

Yum! Looks so delish! And I have to ask, do you sell your artwork?! It's beautiful!
PS Thanks for linking up at my place! Can't wait to see you again tomorrow!

Tonia L said...

Wow! That sounds delicious!