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Friday, March 16, 2012

Paint Party Friday Mar 16,2012

Happiness and 
Leprechaun  Luck
 to you all
Hope you find a Pot O' Gold 

 this is my fireplace mantel decor for awhile
good place to let oil paintings dry

my cat loves the smell
of these water soluble oil paints for some odd reason...
So I have to keep them away from her furry little body

I added a bit of purple along the path and fence-line
to give an impression of those pretty
periwinkle wild flowers around here in the spring

this is a short video I took of some
 stormy weather 
and my son Ryan's 13th birthday

this is some stormy weather in Ohio that night



you are talking too much


TexWisGirl said...

i think the midwest is going to get its fair share of bad weather this spring. yikes!

some mad spinning skills in your son! loved the mantle work behind him in the video. :)

i really like how the country lane painting turned out.

Carolyn Dube said...

The purple adds such spring and happiness to it!!!! I can feel the sun shinning in both paintings!

NanaDiana said...

Great video of your son. I see he got all the way up to 23! I also see your pictures on the mantle..looking good. What I think is funny is how big that CAT is..and that it never moved even when Ryan came close with the ball.

Scary storm, too...although I see someone thought it was boring1:>) xo Diana ps...my "baby" is Ryan, too. xo Diana

Lynn said...

Oils is one medium I have yet to try. These are lovely KAT. I will return.
Thanks for coming to my blog today and leaving me such a nice comment which is much appreciated.

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Excellent paintings and awesome videos ~ Happy Birthday to Ryan ~~ thanks namaste, Carol ^_^

Netty said...

Beautiful paintings. Happy PPF and enjoy the weekend, Annette x

Jill said...

Gorgeous painting! The purple is so wonderful - always a calming color for me. We moved from Ohio last year and I must say I enjoyed most everything there but the weather! I enjoy a good storm now and then but can absolutely do without the tornado threat stuff. My oldest was terrified anytime it got windy! He feels much better out here in Idaho! Happy PPF!

La Abela said...

Beautiful work, in the video of the storm there is very suitable frames for paint... you live surrounded by naturleza. Saludos

Alicia C said...

what fun videos! awesome painting too - love the blue! I wonder how water based oils differ from the others - I've never used but the habitual kind

Gloria said...

Great paintings and wow, that weather. Had fun watching the videos.

hastingshall2 said...

I used to do oils and some of the colors seems to take forever to dry. I'd love to buy some of the water soluble ones. Your painting is gorgeous. I love the addition of the periwinkle color. You might consider leaving it on your mantel even after it dries.

Carol said...

Looks great and that boy is special!!!

Mary C. Nasser said...

Your purple accents are my favorite! Just noticed my periwinkle flowering this week, too! :)
Happy PPF!!
Mixed-Media Map Art

Helen Campbell said...

Beautiful paintings! I love how you dry them on the mantlepiece. Clever way to keep them from the cat. Happy PPF!

Anne said...

Beautiful painting, lovely spring atmosphere! Happy PPF !

RainCityGirl said...

Such a beautiful style! Happy PPF

Kelly said...

What a fun post! Beautiful paintings, as always.

(P.S. Check out my latest giveaway!)

Beadwright said...

Typing with one hand today. Love you art

Tammie Lee said...

beautiful! i love your colors.

Julia Dunnit said...

Im late to WOYWW so I thought I'd take the chance to browse and enjoy.And I hae. That recipe looks lovely, can you explain basically what EVOO is, we certainly don't get that brand here. Your arworks are fabulous the one of the wood is just like one of my fave walks, dotted with a carpet of what we call bluebells...terrific.

wednesday said...

You perfectly caught that hazy pastel aura that's around all the trees and grass just now. Our lawn is a carpet of blue and purple these days. I can't bear to take a mower to it just yet.

JKW said...

Gorgeous landscape. . . Blessings, Janet PPF

EVA said...

Your mantle is looking great! Two beautiful paintings.

Too funny about your cat and oils!