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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Florals for Paint Party Friday

  watercolors I did last year

I think I may  try 
my hand at some more

nice and simplistic for me
I don't like to torture myself
trying to get all detailed
Do you think I am OK doing that
or am I lazy  ?

Happy Painting everyone !

also if you care about a photography contest
 I am entered in
could you perhaps go to

Wild Bird Center of Mason
and vote for my photo of a 
praying mantis on a marigold flower pot
I took the photo last summer
this is the link to the page of the contest
it is titled 2012 Photo Contest
 and my photos are number 17 and 18
go to HERE
click on my photo (17) and (18)
and then click "like" under my photos to vote

the photo with the most likes by March7th wins
there is 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places


join the party at - Family Ever After
 to see some creatives linked blogs


Tracey Fletcher KIng said...

those watercolours are really lovely and I sure do hope you get in and do some more of them... the bottom one is my favourite and I would really like to see some more...xx

Helen Campbell said...

Beautiful watercolors. I don't see that you're lazy at all. Look at the beauties you've created. :)

Robin Panzer Art said...

Lovely flowers and really cool picture frames! Happy Paint Party Friday! #20 Robin Panzer Art Studio 33

Terrie said...

You'r not lazy at all. So pretty painting and lovely birds. I also like the bottom one most. Like your contest photos.

Carolyn Dube said...

Voted! The marigold photo is my favorite of the 2. That is just amazing- the colors, the details, the angle. Wow!

Lesley Edmonds said...

I have just bought some watercolours for the first time so eager to try them out. These pictures are so pretty.

Kokopelli said...

Those flowers are amazing! I think I need spring now.

Anonymous said...

they are beautiful, I see your style coming through in these, you should do more!
I will go vote right now!

carlarey said...

Incredible watercolors! Yes, do more! Do more! Love these, they are so charming and spontaneous.

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Kat ~ lovely watercolors ~ 'less is more' ~ namaste, carol (A Creative Harbor) Happy PPF ^_^ ~

TexWisGirl said...

i like your watercolors - the way you do the ink outlines is really cool.

Debbie said...

Good work with the watercolors. Your birds are so pretty, too.

EVA said...

I often think simpler is best! Beautiful water colours (and birds)!

Mary C. Nasser said...

I think you're doing great!
Your watercolors are fresh and beautiful!
Art should never be torture. :)

Going to vote for your photos now!
Happy PPF!!
Mixed-Media Map Art

Gloria said...

Love your watercolors Kat. Would love to see more and your little birds are awesome. Thanks for sharing. Happy PPF!

Anonymous said...

Yes, you should do more watercolors! They are so sweet. Love the little birds.

pauline said...

Lazy or not, they are gorgeous!! i absolutely LOVE the last one... the red flower. Keep doing what you're doing - it's working. xoxo

Anne said...

Wonderful paintings & I adore those birds!!!

Happy PPF!

Jill said...

Love the watercolors and the birds! They go really nicely together. Happy PPF!

MollyGirl said...

great, whimsical feeling to your watercolors.

wonderful photos... i voted for them!

Nordljus said...

Your watercolours are beautiful, I love their transparency and lightness. And lovely birds too! Happy PPF!

WrightStuff said...

Lovely and soft.

Netty said...

Very pretty paintings. Happy PPF and enjoy the weekend, Annette x

Carol said...

You are talented and not lazy at all! Get those watercolors put and show us more :0)

Daniele Valois said...

very lovely!

JKW said...

You know I love the birds. . . the watercolor flowers are exactly right. Blessings, Janet PPF

NanaDiana said...

Cute and sweet little watercolors. Headed over to vote for you~!xo Diana

Ayala Art said...

Lovely! I like the red one best

*jean* said...

very sweet!! happy PPF!

Sabina said...

So cool! Love how the painting in the last pic looks against the wood? canvas.

Anne said...

Sweet and charming watercolors! <3

Renee! said...

Gorgeous watercolors and love the little birdies!!! Great job... thanks for sharing!

Annabelle said...

Loving the colourful paintings and birds. My fav is the blue bird with gold, so very beautiful. I voted for you ....nice shot.Good luck!

Lesley said...

HEY! I am back reading up on the blogs today and just took a visit over what I have missed. WOW....the root canal. Not fun. :( So sorry to hear and I am hoping that by now you are much better!!

Also....lazy? Really?? That is not something I would call you...and why do you care if any of your followers think you are??? Forget them!!! LOL

Glad to be back! Hope all is well.

Beadwright said...

I am so drawn to your art. I look forward to it each week.

Lynn said...

Your style is very attractive to me. Light and airy. The birds are cute too. good luck with the photography contest, I hope you win.