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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Root Canal

 This morning I went to Dr Davies to have a tooth looked at
It was sort of hurting and very  sensitive for a while now
It was an old crowned tooth way in the back of my mouth
Dr Davies said He had to do the
Root Canal
and I was so lucky to have enough time to do it
 right then and there !
Lucky ME!

I am home now and look what I got myself
for being such a good girl
Oh Yes
A Shamrock Shake
A CHERRY on top!
took me a little bit
to figure out how to 
take a photo of myself in a mirror

 My mouth is droopy 
on one side
still very numb
 This isn't working
My lips wont close around the straw
See the drooping side of my mouth

 Into the freezer with you...
Shamrock Minty Shake
It just won't be
The Same



NanaDiana said...

I think you deserve all of that and more. The best part about the numbness it it covers up the pain! Hope you don't experience any after pain! xo Diana

TexWisGirl said...

dying laughing here! your facial expressions were hilarious, but the fact that you couldn't get your mouth to work the straw.... ha!

Anonymous said...

oh no, that shake will taste even better when your mouth thaws out!

Jen said...

You are adorable!

Kelly said...

WOW, that's so great that they could do it right then....that never happens! I've had a root canal, and it really wasn't as bad as I thought. Glad you got a milkshake...you deserved it!


Tonia L said...

My husband loves shamrock shakes! Unfortunately when we stopped my McDonalds to get one for him they were out!!

Prims and Annies said...

Good morning,
I had my first root canal one year and 2 months ago. It was on the top way in the back. My dentist only does root canals on the bottom so I was on my way to the Endonist..first time to see this type dentist. I was in the chair over 1 hour. The tooth had a crown and was filled..well decades ago.. and was calcified, which took a long time to drill through. But he was able to save the crown and it was filled. I did not look at the pain pills until I got home and it was oxycodone...and I thought when this numbness goes away I am going to have severe pain. But I had no pain and never took a pain pill. I had nausea for a few days because he had to use so many numbing med. I have nothing but praise for him..they are drilling into canals that are the size of a pin...and looking in a small mirror.
Hope you are feeling better by now.

Smiles and huggs.