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Thursday, March 22, 2012

"Ghosts of Chicago" painting

This is the Painting I made
for my 20 yr old son, Drew 
He goes to school in downtown Chicago

Loves the big city

He is coming home for his Spring Break this weekend

A weird thing started happening with this painting

 My Hubby said he was seeing various people

images of black and white people 

I even started seeing them

I see a blue lady
 in the building over on the right side
do you see her ?
...she is naked and has a tall
beehive style hairdo

other have commented
 that they see a man in a tux with a bow-tie

I see a person
 playing a piano 
over on the building to the left side

let me know if you see any 


Here are a few I saw with my minds eye


Princess Judy Palmer said...

I just see people bustling about. I can't really pin any of them down. That would be about right for me. I had it smacked into me as a child that it was rude to stare/look at adults (I later learned this is a Native American thing) so I'll glance at people and be aware they are there but I don't really LOOK at them. Great dynamic painting!!!!

Anonymous said...

its amazing you said this because before I read your text I was thinking the same thing, I have my computer screen set at 150% ( I think you know I have bad vision) anyway I saw people in it as well!
How cool is this, really cool!

TexWisGirl said...

it is a GREAT painting! i know your son will love it - spirits and all. :)

NanaDiana said...

Well, I have to tell you, Kat. The FIRST THING I saw was the man playing the piano! Our friend, Keys, that just passed away IS that piano player AND he was born and raised in Chicago and played with the symphony there- Now - How weird is THAT? I can also see the tall lady with the beehive hairdo! xo Diana

Jen said...

Spectacular painting! I don't see people--I see water and a skyline. Very jazzy.