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Thursday, September 30, 2010

What Next ?

So... The art show is in the last weekend of displaying the art works at the historical Soc Museum. No call, so I assume that there was no sale (of my entries). I look forward to getting them back in a way. Who needs money?...It is the root of all evil for us weak and unholy humans. Yea ...I'd love to sell my art, hand over the evil money to my hard working husband and say here...I'll help put our sons through college! I would much rather win the Lottery ( just a few million)and retire from worrying about paying bills. Then just paint for the enjoyment of it and to give to friends some joy, and a piece/ peace of myself. OK so I am the eternal optimist and I refuse to think about any bad results in life. So my next fun event that is art related will be the December art fair/ show...Building up some winter themed stock for that. You know, stars, Christmas trees and snowflakes added to everything. I DO enjoy the holidays, beginning with Halloween. Always have and I guess I always will. My mom passed away shortly before Halloween, but it hasn't changed the feeling of the Autumn time for me. I wish she was still here , but I can think of her and be happy for some reason. Not depressed 'cause she is gone and life changed forever for our family...We are still the same family and life is rolling along. Life's roller- coaster is always going up and down and sometimes upside down... But I'll keep my safety belt tight around me and try not to hurl!

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