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Friday, November 5, 2010

I am all settled in at the Artist Studios on Main, A very old but interesting Loveland building that is two stories and has enormously high ceilings...I feel like it is a loft area basically. very big and open inside with wooden floors and lots of rooms...I think it must have been Loveland's first big school once upon a time. I am apparently the first and only artist renting one of these wonderful kiosk boutique inventions. All the other artists that rent studios there are in their own rooms. The ladies that do felting, hooking, and weaving of fiber invited me down to their place to have a cup of coffee. The lady that invited me was very very nice and friendly . She has a sweet German accent ( I think that is right) she does rug hooking and punch needle art, this other style that is like miniature rug hooking. very intricate and pretty. I was immediately drawn to the felting stuff that this other very nice lady does. She is very whimsical in style and I like her stuff. They give lessons to people from time to time and have shows with their weavers guild friends. So I had a nice visit with them and went back upstairs and got back to painting at my work bench. I am placed right in the center of the main floor area with a couple long wide hallways full of doors to studios. Lots of people walk by and introduce themselves and invite me to stop by their studios. Very cool I must say. Yesterday I put up a white artificial tree and decorated it...on the way home that day the radio station played all Christmas songs...I cranked it up. I have a few new paintings of trees and cats and lots of my birds ready for the open house next weekend. We shall see what the turn out will be when that happens. I will keep my hopes high for a few sales or even a few nice compliments and maybe a commission to paint something... Keep the faith Oh Yea I am calling myself Kat now...I don't want to remind people of that rude and snotty comedian Kathy Griffin...I know It is weird , but I keep introducing my self as Kathy so it isn't working, anyway...sigh yours truely Kat Griffin <" "> ? (____)

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Joseph said...

This is awesome! I remember passing this place all the time. I want to see your setup when I come back to visit.

<3 - Joe