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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"Paint The Town"

Today was the start of 
 "Paint The Town"  
here in Loveland, Ohio

 My first time trying to play with some of the big kids

I took my portable easel and a lot of paraphernalia
 and planted myself right  in-front of the lovely little fountain. 
 ... it isn't any  -  Italian Super Fountain 
 but it is the proper size for our sweet little, sleepy town.

  Down town consists of three or four restaurants 
and they all have a unique style and good food.  
There is also a candy and sweets shoppe,
 a gift shop called Pizzazz  
  There's a music academy and the jewelry store , 
several bars that have outside seating 
and live music on the weekends. 

this is the town park and I like to sit here and cool off

How about this piece of art?
Canoe art!

 A  Bike trail and a sports store  

and lots of little coffee shops and treat shoppes
 that cater to all the bike and hiking trail crowds
....I guess that's enough of  a description ...you get the idea.  

How about the bike trails rental place
They do a great business

The buildings are over a hundred years old 
and have all that old world style
 that make you want to take a picture of the architecture.

Went to a painters luncheon here today
  had a nice chat with other Loveland area artists

 There is the Little Miami River that runs right through  town
 and the canoe place that does a good business
 on canoe and kayak rentals
manned by those brave people who like to paddle their way down the river. 

I was thinking of doing a painting of that place. 
  It is located right on the rivers edge 
and when we get a big rain it often floods, down in that part of town. 
The river is very scenic and tree lined.

 Here is the first painting for my "Paint the Town" work..Not work...Fun!
Can't wait for tomorrow and more of the same...


texwisgirl said...

hope you have good weather! sounds like a challenge, but fun too! great little town scenes!

Megan said...

Fun! I love the photos of your quaint town and your watercolor is lovely. I wish I had an oodle of artisitc talent...I'd totally go downtown and try to capture what I love about my community. Great job!

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

You live in such a sweet little town. My legs get weak just looking at all those lovely old buildings. So glad that I found you.
~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

Kelly said...

Goodness I want to come live in your little town!


A Few Pennies said...

Charming little town--I can see how you capture such prettiness in your paintings.

krista said...

did not know there is a Loveland, Ohio! We live not too far from Loveland, Colorado. Thanks for the interesting blog, I love looking at the photos of older homes

Kelly said...

I recognize all these scenes! We often ride our bikes from the Powder Factor to downtown Loveland. We used to get ice cream every time in the yellow house (but they haven't sold ice cream there in several years...). Your painting is lovely! Painting on site is a lot different than painting in the studio (and I love it!). Maybe next year I'll watch for this even and see if I can join in.

very merry vintage style said...

What a beautiful town-definitely inspiring to the artist. hanks for linking up to Share the Love Wednesday; hope you'll be back again this week!

Brandi said...

beautiful scenery, love the photos of older homes.