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Saturday, June 18, 2011

I Love My Dad !

I Love You  Dad !

Brother Anthony Shaughnessy, OSB
(80 yrs. young this year)

* A God Loving,  Good Man
* Handy Man and Jack of all Trades

He built us play houses and tree houses

* Father of ten children

two of these children are cousins..
and two of my siblings were yet to be born at this time

Apparently one of my sisters is an Indian and my brother is a cowboy at this time

 * Husband to the Greatest Lady that ever lived  OUR   MOM

My Dad and Mom always showed much affection
 and were "best-est" friends forever!
Mom Passed on 13 yrs ago

I Miss you sweet Mumsy!

She always showered dad with her affection and attention

 * Hardest working business man, for so many years

*  Cook, Baker and Head Holiday Chef

 * Greatest Grandpa to many, many grandchildren

 * Greatest Great-Grandpa to five Great-Grandchildren

 * Spiritual Adviser to his Big, Big  family

Rock and Roll?
Well, he was a fun Dad

* Our Rock, Our Answer Man

and oddly enough...
 * Benedictine Monk *

Some day
 I will tell the whole "Story" of how my dad  
became a benedictine Monk
 but today I just want to say
 I Love Him 
and I am so Very Proud of My Dad!

Happy Father's Weekend Everyone!
Make it a good one
a special one
Hug them  and Hold them in your heart and memories!


texwisgirl said...

well, i was wondering about the "brother" title you gave him early in the post. you'll definitely have to tell that story. what a great bunch of family photos. i especially loved the one of he and your mom in the kitchen. SO cute!!!

Jen of Country Weekend said...

Oh my, Kat--those pictures are amazing. Fun and interesting and heart-warming. I most definitely want to hear your Dad's story!

ANNE said...

Great photos, it looks like you had a wonderful childhood! I'll be interested in hearing about how your Dad became a monk.