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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bird watching from my kitchen window

Baby It's Cold Out There!

So lately I have not been doing a lot of bird painting. I have been bird watching and photographing from my warm little kitchen. I have four differnt kinds of seed and bird feeders in the trees in my back yard. In fact I am starting to get bored with the same trees and the same birds every day. I will enjoy Spring so much because I can get out there and take photos from other vantage [points anyway...and go out into the town and wood and wander around . YYes, this is the classic cabin fever starting to rear its ugly head.

So today I did go into the studios and painted on my landscape oil painting with the brown eyed Susan. I like it so far. but it is so slow painting with oils. Not at all my real style. But what can be done with oils is so cool and different. I don't like the chemicals involved in the process so I don't see my self doing a lot of oil paintings. but I will do more in the future. I'll post a photo of the oil painting next week probably. Hope someone will appreciate it. Wish I knew the trick to getting more followers to my blog...but oh well I shall trudge on no matter what with it. At least most of my family and friends stop by to check it out every once in awhile.

Enjoy these latest photos of some of my back yard visitors.

Woody and his gal (woodpeckers downy)
a big busted robin ( weird bird that one)
blue jay

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