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Saturday, January 29, 2011

brown eyed wild ones

I finished the oil painting at least for now. Have to get on to other things. I found this stuff at Hobby Lobby that you spray on the oil painting and it dries much much faster. Ahhhhh... good ole chemicals, can do anything these days. Lots to do to get ready for September 's Art Show. Ill die if I don't get into this show!. I haven't made anything real new in a while. The bark mixed media art is looking like the way to go for now till I come up with a different idea for my (let's call it) Whimsical Nature Folk Art. I'm

busy re-working the old birds . I'm adding texture to them all and making them much more detailed and colorful. Another idea is to make clay flowers and add them in with some of the birds as a mixed media art sculpture. I hope that turns out as good as I am picturing it being.

Here are a few photos I took over at the studio of the brown eyed susan painting. Thank you to Mike Haight for the inspiration from his photo (the photo at the end)

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Randall said...

Love this painting Kathy!!!!! Beautiful work.