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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bark Art is not Fine Art

we did not get any new snow( few flurries this morning) mostly today it is very windy and the temps are dropping into the 20s. The ice is treacherous...lots of power outages just north of us more in the rural farm areas. I think the cold air is blowing right in through my cheap windows and doors! I feel drafts everywhere in this house today!

So here is my "Bark- Art" my own little invention. although I am sure someone else has done similar stuff. I was wandering down the paths through the St Columban woods and found lots of old pieces of bark that had fallen off the big old trees. I gathered some up, dried it out in the sun then baked it in the oven also. I coat it with wood glue and strengthen it on the back. I love the natural textures and the jagged shapes. I put some hummingbirds and clay flowers on some and different owls peeking out from behind some more. It's evolving as I go along. I am running out of bark now so I have to go hunt up some more.

I put some of these on my ETSY shop at dblrainbow.etsy.com

If you know any bark lovers send them to my shop! :] Please

Oh yea, Second Saturday open house event is coming up. I made a sign with my "ART-ist" name on it...I made it from an old roof slate tile I got in Florida. and I used clay to make letters and a flower and cemented that on,

then I added a hummingbird...My latest bird creation. I really want Spring to come EARLY How about YOU?

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