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Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Christmas in Loveland night was very well attended by many people, kids young and middle and old. It started out with about 5 Christmas carols sung by a barbershop quartet right by my studio space. I managed to film them singing silent night , but it was not their best song...the best one was Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer. The baritone guy wore a blinking red light nose thing. He was a hit. Baritones are always the funny ones it seems. The girl that was to sing for us was under the weather so she did not end up singing. that was a let down for me. The usual horse drawn carriages of shoppers was not brought all the way top Main street and our studios, so foot traffic was lighter than normal...much much lighter I hear. That was a big mistake, but I guess there was some reason for it. I sold a few items and talked with the other artists. Mostly Dave K the wood turning guy. He's very nice. He is carving a nativity set in his spare time. It is really nice. It is a thing that will probably be a family heirloom thing and someday his great great grandchildren will all fight over who gets it. It is going to be so special. I talked with a guy who wants to move out some of his art into a kiosk like mine. He has a far back in the corner- down the hallway studio. And he needs more exposure on these open house events. He was very nice and we discussed various birds around the Loveland area. I showed him my new item the tufted titmouse. He said "oh yea...there are a lot of those around now" Also the wood peckers, and gold finch are making a comeback in our area. so here are a few photos Enjoy and Merry Christmas to all!

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