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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Winter art show 2010

The Winter art show is open and lots of great art pieces are on display at the Loveland Artist Studios on Main. I have three in the art show. the woodpeckers, the cardinals, and the trees at dawn is my only painting in the show. There will be ribbons given for first second and third place, peoples choice awards. It is, of course always a bit of fun for me to be included. Makes me feel included in the title "artists on main". I'm enjoying being set up out there and meeting more loveland-ites. The open house last night was very well attended. We had music (live) a trio of jazzy guys. drums, guitar and electric piano. the music was fantastic. just perfect. I finally got up nerve to ask the wine-guy a few questions. He is not an artist, he is an artist's husband ...He has a friendly, unassuming nature and is actually pretty easy to talk to. he takes donations for the wine and punch, beer, water...and it all goes to good charity in the area. I think that is a great thing for him to be doing. we talked about our kids and how he has a daughter in New your seeking fame and fortune. she will be coming to the open house next Saturday to sing for us. I look forward to that pleasure. I told him about Joe (son number two) and how he sings for the love of it. that he formed a barbershop quartet in High school called "Three guys and an average Joe" I sure wish they could come and sing at an open house for everyone..they were very entertaining! Sales are slow to nonexistent right now...not a good sign fore me. At least I am having a good time meeting people. a big step forward for me, being that I used to be home bound with fear of talking to strangers for so long. I am glad to have a positive change in my life and I thank everyone who has helped me. I met another artist or two last night. One named Rob is an artist that makes the most fabulous photographic collages. He is humorous and friendly and very grounded...no big ego or air of superiority in him. I think that is commendable and honorable in an artist and for any person in this materialistic, me, me, me world. Christmas is creeping closer and there is a lot of fun stuff to do. I feel I am preparing myself well this year. I wish everyone the best warm wishes (what ever that means,) and much Joy, and Peace.

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