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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Loveland Chamber of Commerce: Valentine Design

Ready to drop off my Valentine card design at the Chamber of Commerce tomorrow. I started off with a different painting and it just got too complicated. I decided to start over. Something I am not afraid to do if I have to. So I made a much simpler picture of the birds kissing. and the love shack behind them with a plain golden blue mixed background. I don't know if birds kiss really but this is how it may look if they do. Who knows maybe they do kiss late at night when no one is watching them. Some how I think I got this idea because I heard that the male sometimes feeds the female berries. Romantic isn't it? I did remember to leave some room for the phrase they want to add on the bottom area. I really do not expect to win this contest but it's fun to try. If I don't try to accomplish anything , I never will!. If I don't win, this little 8 by 10 goes on the etsy shop for sale! check out my more festive shop at; DblRainbow.etsy.com

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