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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

After Thanksgiving Weekend..there will be work work and more work

Thanksgiving is over..it was nice, peaceful and included no traveling hours on the road, thank goodness. I did miss the hubbub of family and the delicious concoctions of my brother -in-law, Don. but for once Thanksgiving was unstressed and relaxing. Now on to December. I finished the cat portrait for Mary ( neighbor girl) and she'll be coming by to pick it up this week. I hope she approves of the painting of their beloved and now gone Zinney. Zinney was her moms cat and this painting of her is for Mary's mom. I think that is very special and sweet of Mary. The etsy.com shop is going very slow so far. Orders dribble in from time to time...I wish it would be a little more successful because i would really like to be able to continue it. But we shall see about that. Sometimes I think I am concentrating on these birds and cats too much and I need to take time to just do art ...like landscapes and modern art like I really want to be doing. I was hoping this little stuff on etsy would help finance the big serious painting. May take a year or so to get that going I think after all is said and done. I'm just very impatient. ..and I tend to get carried away I am going to enter some of my recent art work in a contest...run by the city of Loveland Ohio , Chamber of Commerce. It is actually a Valentine design Contest. all entries have to be flat ( 2 dimensional) and the art has to be related to love and valentines day. Dead line is Dec 3rd (that's Friday, by god! I designed and had my husband make a bird house out of some wood and bark and paint. It turned out better than I expected...so it may be used in a photo for the Valentine design, along with two cardinals kissing. It has to include the phrase, "There is nothing in this world so sweet as love" I would appreciate any comments on this contest. The winner relieves design credit on the back of the 2011 Valentine Cards and recognition at various promotional events. Wish me luck...I have to strike gold one of these days..She muttered as she rode off toward the hills on her trusty mule, Bessy-Mae. to be continued...

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