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Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Spring 2011

   I have been drawing a little cat named "Creeper"  for a project with a friend.  Danny Langone is a wonderful author that has a great gift for poetic creations of all kinds. He is the author of a fictional novel called  "Flybait's Lament",  which I ordered from his publisher and read a while back. Danny will have his second novel published soon and I cant wait to finish reading it then.  That one is called "Wilt's Hollow"

    So anyway "Creeper " is a  little tale about a cat. It will make a touching children's book.  He has been so nice  to ask me to make some illustrations to go along with his words.  I m so excited to be working on this.  wouldn't it  be great to have a book my grand daughter would be able to treasure forever?.  and I know she would...because she loves animals and she loves books and she loves her Gam-Gam  (That's me)

I've been fighting a nasty cold all week and now I am getting better.  Knock on wood!... and now my days and nights are all mixed up.

   I guess I have been working on a mixture of things lately.  I am perhaps going to move into a bigger studio space at the studios on Main building in town.  I really need to have a permanent place to paint and work on creating stuff other than home and my poor table there.  Wed.  I will be checking out a studio space and see if it will work.  The number one thing I need is sufficiant lighting.  and storage space for my supplies.  So we shall see what happens this coming week.

wooden humming bird on bark folk art

cedar waxwing flock

cedar waxwings

  Here is a photo of the Cedar Waxwings that have been sunning themselves in my tree tops lately. I plan to design a folk art wooden form of them for my next attempt at bird art  these wax wing birds are very striking and beautiful along with unusual I think you will agree. and a photo of my latest bark art of two hummingbirds and some creeping morning glories

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Anne said...

Gorgeous images Kat! Can't wait to see your project based on the waxwings. They are such gorgeous birds and I love the way they flock. Thank you, also, for adding my button, I appreciate it!