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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Red-bellied Woodpecker Visit

 Hello There Red!

Here are a few photos of a Red-Bellied Woodpecker that comes here in the spring and summer.  He is bigger than the little downy woodpeckers that I have spied this winter, eating suet.  This guy likes the bird seed that I put out in the feeder.  He will eat with all the other birds without fighting, as you can see.  He does have an impressive beak, don't you think?  But, I would love to see one of those Pillated Woodpeckers that can be twice this guys size.., I've heard.  Spring has sprung a bit but the chill is still lingering.  I hope the snow that we are expecting tonight won't chase this gorgeous woodpecker away.

I am all moved into my new art studio that I share with a fellow artist.  Lisa is an abstract, colorful artist and we are very similar in our likes and attitudes.  She loves texture in her art also!

I'm working on a children 's book, drawing lots of  illustrations for a friends book about a cat named Creeper. His name is Danny Langone and he has the blog titled, "Ta-duhhh" over in my linked blogs that I follow.  He is  a very talented and witty author and a good person.  Check out his blog. and his books.  I am fine tuning the pictures a bit right now and trying out different painting styles .  I would like to try water-coloring the illustrations.
also... I am loving the fun of using my silicone nature molds of turtles, frogs, bees, butterflies.  I have tried making them look metallic in finishing them but colorful (green, blue, purple, orange)   and adding them to hair pins, necklaces, pins. 
Time to get to work.  I have a lot to get going on.

be back soon!    KAT

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Anne said...

He's gorgeous!! I love woodpeckers, its really a treat to see them. We have whiteheaded woodpeckers here and they love to drum on the house... it sounds like a jackhammer! My neighbor tells me its their mating call... congrats on your new studio, sounds nice!