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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Can I WOW You? Maybe

Wise Old Screech Owl 

Here is my "Bark Art" that I have been having fun with
 and will show locally at the open studio days at my studio building. 
 We are known as The Loveland Artist Studios on Main.  
That is Main Street if your wondering. 

 Our little towne is small
 but what they call a bedroom city for Cincinnati, 
which isn't far away. 
 Lots of young families and old timers 
that have lived here all their life and love it in Loveland.  

We are a growing hotbed of artists.
 Loveland celebrates our creativity 
during a big art fair in our town park 
called Nesbit Park,
 right along the Little Miami River 
and the famous Loveland Bike Trail.  
It is always held in September.

This is a one by five cedar rough cut board
 an owl shape loosely drawn on

this is my owl cardboard cut out I use

This is some of the tree bark 
I found in the woods
It has been dried 
and coated with wood glue 
on the back for strength.

a view of some of the birds

This is a smaller piece of bark 
that I will use as a base
 because it is flat on the bottom 
and otherwise not too great looking

Now I " Liquid Nails"
 glue it together
  to get a stable,  
pretty, interesting bark  
for adding anything to now.

I can add a clay flower 
and one of my little wooden painted 

These are a cute pair of gold-finch 
and some purple pansies.

Thanks for checking out the "Bark Art"
  come back soon Nature Lovers



Sue said...

Kat- I like your bird art! And how fun to pair them with that huge piece of bark. So you sell your "birds on a stick" along with other art pieces at this studio? I've never been to Loveland- I didn't realize it even had a downtown- I thought it was just a bedroom suburban community. I'm up the road in Centerville/Washington Township- a south suburb of Dayton. There are more than a few of us Ohio bloggers that get together every so often. If you're interested in meeting a few online, let me know and I'll send a list of their blogs. So glad you came by to visit "Bossy." LOL
P.S. Just noticed that you have word verification enabled. A lot of newer bloggers don't realize that they can disable this to make it easier for others to comment. I disabled it when someone brought it to my attention back when I was a newbie. I had no idea it was a default item. :-)

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Kat, those are gorgeous. You do some nice work. Thanks for sharing these at WUW! Glad to have you.

K A T said...

Thank you, Kim and Sue your so kind

Id love to have a few new blogs to check out that are near by to me, Sue
We have an Open Studio show and sales on every second Saturday of every month at our building on Main St. I should blog about our next one it will be second Sat of May. come on down sometime to see for yourself if you ever have the time.

Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

Wow, thats great!! Thanks for stopping by and the lovely comment! Have a great day. Anu

Jerri Neddermeyer said...

What a nice set of birdies on their perch! They are so sweet! Thanks for the blog visit and comment love! I just had to see your project!