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Monday, April 25, 2011

A Day Out and About in the Rain

Ohio has been having a deluge of the wet stuff this Spring so far.  
We do manage to eek out  bits of precious sunshine  from time to time though.  I went on a little tour of my hometown with the good ole camera in hand to see if I could get some interesting photos of Loveland .  The first place I went to was the river that runs right thru our little down towne.  Loveland is not very big.  We are a far northern suburb of Cincinnati.  I did get caught (twice )  in a little down pour...but it was fun wandering around even wet.

                this is our little eatery in town right by the bike trail and the river.   Next door is the sweet shoppe

The manager kindly hangs artists work on the Paxton's walls, I have some of my world famous  Bark Art - owls and hummingbird art on display there

                                 Our Town Stage Company burned down one day
            and a less than a year later it was rebuilt due to lots of donations

                                                                    town clock

      bike / walking trail as it goes across  Loveland's Main street

                                     Paxtons upscale competition -
                                       Tano' is brand new..

                                                      bridge over the Little Miami R

  The historic old Fire House in town 
                                                                                is now a restaurant too. 

                            We Like to eat real good around here

                                                           Gota get some caffeine you know

Barber shoppe in town
I have never been in there

                                                           "I'd Love To Live In Loveland..."

    Canoes are high and dry as the river is too dangerous for canoeing right now

                                 This goose is afraid to go in to far

the trees are swallowed up by the creeping waters

down by the River  stormy skies threaten me

               So far not too bad but the river is really high and the currents are 

                                    faster than normal for sure

taking shelter under a tree


Kelly said...

Pretty photos! Send some of that rain our way....it's so dry here in Mississippi.

I LOVE my turtle! In fact, I just did a little post about it, and you! Check it out!



Samantha said...

Loveland looks like a wonderful place. We're getting the same weather here in northern WV..the Ohio River and the creeks are insanely high.

Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...

Such a charming town! Loved all your photos!

K A T said...

thanks to Kelly for posting about me!
Now that's a good blog friend

beki said...

That looks like a lovely place to live!