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Monday, April 11, 2011

Why I like Nature Art and Nature in General

Why I Love  Art, Color, and Texture... and all of Nature

My Grand- parents had a wonderful lake house when I was very young. it was a perfect piece of land right on Lake Huron, in Michigan, in the Lexington area.  My family would spend summer and fall vacations there.  My best memories all seem to involve thinking about those days and those smells even though I was so very young.

...coloring on the screened front porch at the big round oak table, crayons grabbed from the  cigar box and we had piles of coloring books.
reading little golden books in the fancy parlor in the mauve colored wing chair by the book case secretary.  I remember "Little Black Sambo" and how he loved pan-cakes just like ME! and "The Little Red Hen" (Why wouldn't anyone help her?)

 and bed-time ,..listening to the English type chimes from the clock on the shelf  (just like the Westminster chimes)

The smells of fresh cut juicy peaches (Michigan peaches), that I loved to have sliced onto my Rice Krispies, with  creamy milk (no skim or one percent here)

sunny warm days of flip flops, bathing suits  suit ( Gram called them bathing suits) my sons hate when I use the term " bathing suits" for their swim suit ...I don't know why
The big  grapefruit sack of beach toys - metal bright colored pails and shovels, sand sifters and various toys and blow up  black tire inner-tubes

making shell necklaces with tread and needles and little tiny lake shells (they make a great sound when you shake them)

getting rinsed off with rain water from the big rain barrel by the back door (no sand in gram's house)

birch trees  right by the lake shore next to Gram's beach(a forest of them) they make the most wonderful sound when the breeze blows through the leaves
( so peaceful and wondrous)!

I have always appreciated Nature and all it gives, to all of us. I wish more people could  just enjoy nature and realize how wonderful Nature is. ( take better care of it all.) I know there would be peace on our planet if everyone on it would just see how miraculous the place is and appreciate each other more.


ANNE said...

I LOVE that last painting, am going to include it in Wednesday's 'visiting other nests' post,ok?

K A T said...

Thank you, Anne that is always OK with me!

ANNE said...

Its in today's post, Kat!