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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Need A Paperback to Read This Spring/ Summer ?


I have read this book, and I have been meaning to tell others about it.
  "Flybait's Lament"
 is about a very odd-ball yet strangely  
interesting little town. 
 One-of-a-kind, and hilariously described characters 
living together in Flybait, Texas.
Well, that is just it's nick-name.
 Characters are so imaginative and interesting 
and they all inter-weave into a fantastically interesting story. 

This book has loads of fun characters and situations. 
 I literally laughed out loud many times!  
If you need a bit of mystery and escape in your life, 
with twists, turns, puzzles, murder, love,
 and laugh out loud fun, you have to read this book . 
 The author,( Danny) is willing to mail you a copy  
... he will sign it for you too. 
or you can order it through amazon.com . 
Send him an email to request a  signed paperback copy of 
"Flybait's Lament"  
a review on amazon .com:
here is a quote from the reviewer on amazon:
"Once Langone gets all the guffaws and hi-jinx out of the way, he constructs a plot with intrigue and pathos. The author weaves an engaging story with interesting twists and turns in the second half of the book. The characters deepen and grow beyond their superficial oddities, becoming instantly more compelling and appealing. Readers begin to feel sympathetic for the inhabitants of this down-on-its-luck town, where the one traffic light is purchased out of a sense of false optimism rather than actual need, as the author gifts readers with solid writing and a quick descriptive flair." 

Quill says: With scatological silliness and macabre mayhem, the grimly goofy inhabitants of this backwater town deal with mystery and intrigue."

Yea, You get it now...?...An slap-stick Comedic, Murder Mystery
I loved it

  *  This is an adult book , well,...I would rate it PG-13.  

 Danny also is a wonderful poet. look for "Keys To The Condo"
Some of the children's poetry is slowly but surely
 being transferred into children's books 
and Danny has asked me to make illustrations/ pictures
 to go along with some of these cute children's tales in poem form.

We hope to have our first children's book
 out before The Christmas Season.  
Titled, "Creeper" 

see my latest blog post (July 12th) 
about the children's books and my illustrations for them.
Hugs to you

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Kelly said...

Sounds like a fun read!