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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

ask a poet for help

When in need always ask your friend and very smart person (Danny D Langone) for a poem or two. I am painting a couple pictures for The Loveland Historical Society art show ...the catch is the paintings,( or actually any type of art work) submitted has to be inspired from these old (1900's) photos of Loveland taken by Nancy Ford Cones (1869-1962) She lived in Loveland in 1905 and took lots of her famous photographs around here. anyway...Long story short (which I'm not good at) Along with the art work for each piece entered, a @75 word "statement" has to accompany each... expounding on the artists thoughts and inspirations and or what ever we want to say about it. I had the immediate thought to write some poetry along with a short description of the particular process I used. I want to speak in a poetic way about these landscapes. A Poet, I am not! as Yoda would say. The Historical Society art show is titled "Images of the Past - Visions of Today" Danny was so nice about sending a few of his wonderful poems after looking over my paintings (still unfinished, but mostly done) The hard part is choosing between a few choices he gave me. He is so nice and so talented. So now I feel much better and I can finally finish the paintings (I go constantly back and forth between working on them) keeping the same paint colors on both and the same style. I want to keep them together as a set. Next big decision is framing.

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