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Sunday, August 22, 2010

my opening blog WOW I figured this out

Hi I am, first of all surprised that I figured how to do this. I am going to try to talk to who ever wants to listen (and to myself) about my struggle to make some kind of art that someone likes or at least can apprrrreciate. O Hell look at that I cant even type very well. How the heck did I make it do that? I am having a bit of a down time right now as far as my art is going. otherwise I'm feeling great. that doesn't make much sense. I just want to be a success at this painting art thing. My Mom always told me I had talent...I know Moms always say that stuff to their kids to shut them up right? Well I don't care. I love to paint and draw and make things that are what I consider artistic. I really love looking at other artists works and I am always so impressed with peoples talents. it could be musical or poetry or a good book, or sculpture or whatever.... I will sometime just have to keep staring at something that looks so extraordinary or so beautiful in nature. I want to not forget it...I try to imprint it in my brain. OK thats all for now more stuff later I just wanted to get this blog started

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jsk8086 said...

Mom was right. You are talented!! She was kind, but she was also insightful and wise. I checked out your Etsy site. Love the birds.
My favorite kind of art is paintings. Would love to find a small painting of some cardinals (which our Mum loved). Maybe I will find one on someone's site one day.
It will probably take having your work online for awhile and passing the word around about it to build a following and interest in your work. The WWW is so huge. Your talent is a gift. I wish you good luck and happiness in your life and art. Love you, Jan