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Friday, August 27, 2010

ups and downs ,...I'm due for some ups now!

Well I have not heard back from the shop owner that I have asked for space to show my birds off in. I sent one more email to her and I hope she is in a good mood today or SOME THING I hope she will be willing to take a chance on me..."unknown artist in need" I have not had one single sale on etsy.com yet either...I have to fix my photos up a bit. I have been told, by other etsy folks. I did not crop them good enough. But everyone that critiques my etsy shop says they like the birds and they are priced right...so when will my big break happen? I don't know if it will happen on ETSY (or the web) for me. But I will give it the full four month try. One thing about being over 30...is I have learned to be patient and have hope and faith in the people out there...that I can win them over, in some small way. I recently sent an old friend from school a pair of Cardinals. He and His wife are going through a rough time. (cancer) so I thought since he is a BIG Cardinals (baseball) fan that it was fitting to send him the pair. I hope and pray he recovers and will smile at the birds. My youngest son just started football with his new school. BOBCATS are number ONE! Well...he got his left arm tangled up amongst the players all tackling some poor guy on the other team (it was just a scrimmage) and a face mask smashed into his arm and pop there it went. This is his second break on the forearm! God, have Mercy! He was so tough...Not much crying just red face and tears creeping out every once in awhile. He was holding himself together real good till the doc in the ER told him it is broken in two places in two bones...and football is over for this year. He was so absolutely excited to get to play in the first game of the season this Sunday afternoon...I almost cried when he started crying. he didn't want to let the team down. There are only 19 guys on the team as it is. Well as I said ... Time for some up time on the damn rollercoaster!

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