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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

art show entry due Sept 11

Loveland OH paintings as inspired by Nancy Ford Cones (1869-1962)
So I have been painting and drilling and sawing and staining and varnishing all kinds of different things...my fingernails are in need of help..but I think they are going to have to suffer. I am a struggling artist after all. I feel good about my art stuff lately. If only someone else would, an actual stranger who is not just feeling sorry for me. I need a break and this Historical Soc. art contest/ show may be a great thing if I can just get accepted and at least have a chance to show something. I have yet to make the frames for the paintings but I took new final photos of them yesterday. The framing will be very basic and rustic yet neat. Hope they are interesting and that they catch the eye of a judge or two. Thanks again Dan for the poetry! You have a talent and are blessed with the trait of kindness Enjoy the poems and the pictures ...I hope!
The Old Sentry by Danny D Langone Life is just a dusty path Future viewed just straight ahead Choices come like sudden bridges Should we cross, or stop with dread. Stands a Sentry old and Stout Cross with care , he seems to say I will be here waiting for you Should you venture back this way. Years have fled and I return To find my Sentry standing still Arms outstretched in warmest greeting Grateful I have lived my fill.


We are children of the earth

Reaching out yet anchored fast

Against the storms of rain and snow

Whose rivers rush and hurry past

We watch with patient idleness

For signs of spring to break our sleep

Flush our limbs with leaves of life

And drink our fill from rivers deep

The cool of autumn lays its claim

With tears of leaves we say adieu

The river washes them away

And then we start our wait anew

Dan D Langone-author

Frozen Limbs

Frozen limbs from winter’s cold

Reaching out to grasp and hold

Passing waters from the North

Seeking news of early spring

Dare the leaves defer the sun

To shield the meeting of two hearts

Joined by bridge and dust strewn path

Though their limbs cannot embrace.

Dan D Langone- author

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Don said...

I like what you are doing; you have real talent. Looks to me you won't have to suffer long. I'll be looking for a family discount when you are a famous artist.