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Sunday, November 14, 2010

My first Open House at the artist studios building

First of all, I did not actually sell any of my art work last night. I am a little bit surprised, yet not overly surprised. In listening to fellow "Artists on Main", I heard that it is not uncommon to have that experience. The nice guy right across from my place (Dave) didn't have any sales either and he is a long time woodworking artist. He said he did well at the fall art show (that I didn't get in this year) about 6 sales per hour. Dave was very kind and a good conversationalist with me and everyone that wandered on by us. He is humorous and helpful and a down to earth man, and I respect that. His art is made using a lathe...very beautifully polished and crafted wood, in many many designs. He makes everything from mini birdhouses to cowboy hats out of wood. ( the hats are about 200-300 dollars) He had me put one on and we had a good laugh at that. He would go off and walk around to visit with the other peoples studios and nibble on their treats of cheese and crackers and cookies and he was happy when he found the lady that had some wine to share. I had some cookies and pretzels (I'm addicted to pretzels , but that is another story) apple/ raspberry juice and eggnog with Brandy to add a bite to it. (need to get bitten once in awhile you know) I actually had a pretty fun night, talking to lots of different people...neighbors, artists, older folks and young folks... Later in the evening as the "crowds" dwindled down to nothing, the artists gathered over in a cozy spot by the guy playing the jazzy music. A friendly sharing of how the night was going and some sipping of wine. Soon they were laughing and dancing to the music, as the music got just a little bit louder and more fun. I didn't want to join them because I'm still just a newbie, after-all. I enjoyed just watching the fun evolve. I did tap my toes to the beat , and thought , "This is OK, I AM OK. They were all used to the semi- disappointments of not selling much of their art at these open house events, I had to experience it. Now I can go on and not think about that night anymore. I met some nice people and I gave some of my cards out..who knows maybe someone will buy something online...or next month at the big December Open House. I'll be ready!

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